A public performance

I think I have described before how it was that Scottish mothers were such firm believers in maintaining order and disci… more

Mum gets a cane

From the age of 11, it was almost a weekly event for either Mark, my stepbrother, or myself to have our bottoms smacked.


An accident

I was around seven years old and I had been bored all day. My mom asked if I wanted to go to the store. I told her ‘yeah&… more

Buzzing bottom

I was raised in Texas and my mother always had a plastic flyswatter that she applied to my bottom from as young as I can reme… more

A wee bit of revenge

When I was nine, I learned something interesting: if you put a sleeping person’s hand into warm water, they will w… more

My first time with Mom

Despite the title, I suspect I may have had an informal slap or two on the hand or leg from my mom before this event – but this … more

The cost of bad manners

The following story has been submitted by a published author of two spanking novels, with a third on the way. The story he more

The new paddle

When I turned eight years old, my mother decided that the hairbrush she paddled my bottom with needed to be replaced with … more

Truant brought to book

My parents were strict – especially my mother. When I misbehaved she would frequently beat me on the bare bottom with her … more

Bad girls in church

Back when I was 11 years old, I spent some time on holiday with my uncle and aunt in London. During my stay, I was taken to chu… more

No longer a game

Even after a number of years, I still feel embarrassed at this memory, but at least I am in good company here on thes… more

Equality for brothers

I won’t bore everyone rigid with how I came to find the Maman website, but let’s just say I came the long wa… more

A good reason to spank

In the latter years of the 20th century, spanking as a means of disciplining children was out of favour, including in my o… more

One of the gang at last

My wife and I found the Maman site, and as a result we had quite a long conversation about spanking and read a few stories t… more

A case of honour

My parents were diplomats from Spain who would take me all around Europe throughout my childhood before finally moving … more

The American way

In 1987, I was given the exciting news that our family was to travel to Colorado. As a 12-year-old boy I automatically tho… more

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