We would love to hear about your own spanking memories, whether being disciplined as a child, witnessing other boys or girls receiving it, or indeed administering the punishment yourself in the role of parent, care-giver or teacher.

If you don’t consider yourself the world’s greatest writer, don’t worry – we are happy to edit your story for spelling, grammar etc. Do your best – we’ll do the rest.

What are your requirements?

  • Your story can be any length you like, though a short story is preferable to a novel.
  • It should be essentially true. We will moderate or reject stories which contain obvious exaggeration or fantasy.
  • We do not normally publish stories where any of the principals concerned are still children.
  • We will not publish any descriptions of extreme violence or abusive behaviour.

How do I send you my story?

Simply email it to All correspondence is treated in the strictest of confidence.

All Maman stories are copyright, unauthorised reproduction may lead to legal action.