The hand of retribution

The worst spanking I ever got was off my Aunt Jennifer, my mother’s youngest sister, when I was nine years old. 

My mum had … more

Bringing up the children

The first spanking I ever gave was when Ben was three. I was tired and stressed, with a baby and a three and four-year-old t… more

A complex thing

I can trace my interest in spanking back to an encounter in the changing room at my school’s swimming baths back in … more

At the doctor’s

I first knew I had a ‘thing’ about spanking at quite an early age – nine, to be exact – when I had an encounter i… more

Revelation of discipline

In more recent years, you would be tempted to think that the practice of spanking Britain’s naughty children has … more

A lesson from mother-in-law

By the time my son Ben reached his third birthday, he was becoming a bit of a handful, to say the least. My wife and I had resi… more

Another kind of slipper

It’s strange how often the most modest of presents you receive as a kid for birthdays or Christmas turn out to be th… more

Hot weather hidings (audio)

The recent UK heatwave reminded strict mum Nicola of a similar time some years ago when she had to give two of her daughter… more

I scream for dessert

I smile inwardly today when I see how children are indulged and tolerated at the dinner table. They get colouring books, … more

The forbidden garden

Back in the 1960s, my sister Gail and I would often be ‘parked’ by our parents for extended stays with my mat… more

Jackie’s memories

My wife and I recently celebrated 23 years of marriage, and I’m pleased to say that our sex life is still a big featu… more

Bottom bathing (audio)

Michael became obsessed with spanking from quite an early age, and here he recalls how a bathtime game he devised to feed … more

The cry room (audio)

Helen has vivid memories of the cry room at her local church growing up, and the many tears that were shed in there for so ma… more

Mums still can

By the time I was 11 and at middle school in the north of England, I was something of a hell raiser, and considered myself th… more

Harvesting the past

We had been married about three months and were lying naked in bed, about to make love. I didn’t know that the conve… more

Bare bottom days

I grew up in the 1950s and was sent to an all boys private school by my parents. In those days, corporal punishment was comm… more

Brought to the brink

I think I got the odd slap from my mum when I was a toddler, but from primary school days onwards, I never felt her hand again… more

A summer of spankings

I’m an old decrepit guy now but I grew up in the Southern US during the early 1960s when raising children was quite a … more

My aunt’s milk

When I was five years old, my mother had to go into hospital for a couple of days for some minor surgery. Rather than try to c… more

Training for motherhood

I was already nearly eight years old when my little brother arrived. That being the case, I got to know his body with some i… more

Spanking in the sauna

Back in the 1980s, I worked for a Finnish company as its UK manager. One year, the company was holding a big conference at i… more

In praise of the switch

I enjoy reading the stories on your site, but I do notice that very few of them mention the use of a switch for disciplining … more