All because of a smacking

By the time I was 12, my reputation as the family tomboy was pretty much established. I rarely played with other girls, ne… more

A lesson in caning

I started using the cane on my son’s bottom when he was 10 years old. Up until about seven, I had merely given him a fe… more

Spankings in class

During the late 60s/early 70s, I worked as an early years classroom teacher in both kindergarten and first grade in scho… more

First time obedience

When I went to college, I found it difficult to find somewhere to live that was both close to the campus and affordable, an… more

Mothers Talking: Alma

Alma is a mother of three and grandmother to four. She comes from a large and loving Jewish family with its roots in the citmore

Introducing the slipper

I don’t know why exactly, but until the age of six I was a stranger to corporal punishment. I think I may have had the … more

Paddled at Mrs Freeman’s

I’ve always had something of a big mouth, and it has got me into trouble many times in my life, but never more memora… more

A naked slippering (audio)

Sometimes, when we were children, we would think we had got away with serious misbehaviour – only for it to catch up with u… more

Encounter in a bus shelter

During the late 1980s I was working in the city of London and living on the outskirts, and so caught the bus into work each d… more

Mum hits the roof (audio)

When young Simon decided to retrieve his own ball from the flat roof of his mother’s office, it ended up with six of … more

A different fate (audio)

Sometimes, even good boys have a secret desire to be taken over someone’s knee and have their bare bottoms soundl… more

The sally rod (audio)

Irish mother Kelly recalls how she changed the disciplinary regime in her home with the introduction of a traditional i… more

When father got home

Having a headmaster for a dad was not the easiest of childhoods, particularly when you’re an only child on whom yo… more

My Sunday school teacher

My parents were regular churchgoers, and during the main part of the service the children would go into a Sunday school, … more

Swift Retribution (audio)

Contributor Barbara recalls how she saw the beginning of a family spanking – and heard it in its entirety – when she paid a … more

Smack time

I’ve read elsewhere of women ruling their households with a rod of iron – my wife Gina ruled hers with a spoon of woo… more

Raised with the cane

As a parent bringing up a family in the 1970s, corporal punishment played a natural part in enforcing family discipline… more

A really sore bottom (audio)

The chance to start a snowball fight in the school playground proved too much of a temptation for Pat – for his trouble, he … more

My auntie’s slipper

I’ve read a couple of accounts on your website from people who were sent elsewhere by their parents to receive cor… more

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