Comforted by my sister

I was the ‘afterthought’ of our family – a boy born to my mum 12 years after the youngest of her two girls. By t… more

Play the game

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Before the spanking

When I was in college, I worked part time as a night supervisor at a local motel to earn some money. My shift generally ran f… more

Mothers Talking: Anne-Laure

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Mrs Tranter (audio)

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Slippered into obedience

I guess you could say I was quite a spirited young girl – although I’m sure that at the time at least, my parents woul… more

Caned by the nuns

I attended an Irish Catholic primary school in the 1960s – all the teachers were nuns and discipline was strict – you coul… more

Ladies’ laps

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The Doctor Game (audio)

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Naimh and the magazine

By the time I was 18, having been brought up with frequent spankings from my mother, I was a confirmed fetishist. Now I was … more

The Doctor Game

When we were all around nine or 10, my friends Melissa and Ashley and I took to playing something we called The Doctor Game… more

A really sore bottom

When I was nine and still in primary school in England during the 1950s, one winter Friday we had a massive fall of snow dur… more

The power of the smack

I’ve read many of the stories on your website and many of them concern parents who employed an implement to whip th… more

The cane after confession

I first started receiving communion and going to confession when I was eight years old (this was in the 1960s). Mum alway… more

The belt from Mom (audio)

Back in the days of traditional discipline, stealing was one misdemeanour almost guaranteed to earn you a good sore bot… more

On her knee, and over it

When I was around four (it certainly wasn’t any older, as I hadn’t started school), my mother took a little … more

Paint it red (audio)

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An own goal (audio)

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Something stinks (audio)

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