Aunt Pam’s little helpers

Although we did have the cane at my sweet little primary school in Wembley, London, in the 1960s, I managed to avoid it. Ho… more

A caning at church

When I was 15, my nan was taken seriously ill, so my mum travelled to her bedside with my dad. As it was in school time, they f… more

Trying out a spanking

It was, as usual, a wet Bank Holiday. My friend Graham and I were bored and our mums decided to take us to a local jumble sale… more

Our new neighbour

The house next door to us had been empty for some time before Mrs Ryan, our new neighbour, moved in. She seemed ancient to m… more

Aunt Brenda gives the strap

Although my parents rarely used corporal punishment much, I did have an Aunt Brenda who used it with vigour. She had one d… more

A family secret

I was with my sisters-in-law recently – the wine was flowing pretty freely and the girl talk was starting to get naughty. … more

My career as a nanny

I’m now in my early late 60s and long retired, but before my marriage and raising my own family, I spent about eight … more

A cure for bed-wetting

I was born in the end of the 1950s, the child of relatively wealthy parents, and was raised predominantly by my nanny, who … more

The first time I spanked

I was only about 14 or 15 years old when I gave my first spanking. I have to say, it turned out to be something of a rare occurr… more

Warm fire, warm bottoms

During the summer when I was nine years old, I visited my maternal grandparents on their farm – and brought my best friend … more

My brothers’ bottoms

I am the eldest of five children, and the only female among them. We were brought up in New Zealand, although I now live in L… more

The long walk

When I was nine years old, my maternal grandparents looked after me for a weekend while my parents were away. Although I … more

Tease taught a lesson

When I was about 12 years old, I had a sleepover one night with three of my closest friends. We were at my house and the first … more

Seeing the results

I was at my best friend Jason’s house when this happened. It was the late 70s, and we were nine years old. We’… more

My first and only

My parents didn’t believe in spanking, in a time when most parents had no hesitation in warming their kids’ bottoms if th… more

My first from Kate

The following true story took place in the summer of 1984, when I was nine years old. My parents had divorced two years ear… more

Wet pants and sore bottoms

The following is a true story, which I would love to share with your readers. It happened to me in the early 1980s. My paren… more

The seeds of childhood

We are a married couple from Brittany in France and we both really enjoy reading your site. Although we are a very compati… more

Seeing it done on the bare

Spankings in our house were never given on the bare bottom – our dad usually smacked both my younger brother and I at least … more

All downhill from there

This is all about the second and final spanking I got (alongside my cousin Johnny) from my Aunt Gracie – it happened durin… more

A very motherly spanking

I remember everything like it was yesterday. It was spring and I was eight years old. It was another long weekend of my sta… more

A naked slippering

This happened to me when I was 14 years old. I used to play football and other games with two brothers who lived quite close … more

In front of my sister

There was really only one time during my boyhood when my parents punished me severely, and it happened one summer when I w… more

The inevitable effect

When I was 15, I dated a teenage girl named Emma. She came from a very strict household, where spankings were routinely ha… more

The rude remark

My family was very strict – us children were expected to be respectful, and it was made very clear what would happen if we w… more

The three women

By the time I was 12 years old, I had already developed a spanking fetish. In addition, I also had a big thing for womenR… more

Big and little spankings

Once, when I was eight years old, I was very disobedient to my father in front of the neighbours. Although I now can’… more

Streaking and my sister

When I was about nine, my 17-year-old sister caught me streaking in the backyard. She gave me two options: either she wou… more

My turn for the belt

I was certainly no stranger to spankings while growing up. My teacher mother spanked us with her hand, the wooden spoon … more

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