The open gate

My grandfather and grandmother had a farm that my siblings and I visited frequently. One time, when I was 14, I was there w… more

The fruits of disobedience

Growing up, I was certainly smacked but never beaten. To be fair, 99% of these punishments were fully justified – I was a l… more

Two views of childhood

This is an unusual contribution as it comes from two people, who we’ll call Liz and Ian. They both have very differmore

The missing underpants

My mother sadly died when I was only 10 years old – but within less than a year, my father found a new lady friend and she woun… more

The house mother

Growing up shortly after the Second World War, corporal punishment was commonplace both in the home and in school. My fa… more

Living the RV life

When I was in my mid 20s, I became fascinated by the nomadic lifestyle of the RV (recreational) vehicle folks – I had this i… more

Minding – and smacking

My name is Cherry – quite appropriate given our shared interest on this website – and I thought you might like to hear my ow… more

Smackings in care

For me, growing up was a bit all over the place as an experience, with care homes and foster homes aplenty. My mum and dad we… more

Southern values

When I was 23, I went to North Carolina for a short visit with my mom’s cousin Lois – and it was during this stay that I … more

Four burning butts

My parents often travelled on business, and when that occurred, my Aunt Ruth came over and stayed with us.  At the time of … more

The blood debt

I grew in the Bible Belt in the 70s and 80s, and back then spanking was simply a part of everyday life. It was the whole ̵… more

The bottom line

As an English kid, I spent quite a few summer and winter breaks with relatives in the US state of Michigan. These began whe… more

Bad sports get spanked

When my close friend Kenny and I were both 12 years old, we ended up one day both getting spanked by my mother. Kenny and I we… more

The naughty little goat

This story is about an unhappy little boy who was made to feel very special by a kind, warm and beautiful young woman. I hav… more

A plantation spanking

The following is an extract from The Memoirs of Dolly Morton – a pornographic novel first published in 1899 under the psemore

Pride before a fall

Editor’s note: This account has been added to following further information from our original correspondent.more

Attracting a spanking

When I was 14, my best friend was Jordan, who was a year younger than me. He himself had two younger brothers, 11 and nine at … more

A trip to the basement

Back in the 1990s, my dad worked for an Anglo-American company. He got friendly with one of his work colleagues over ther… more

Uncle William’s belt

When I was 16, I went to my Uncle William’s house to visit for a couple of weeks.  He and Aunt Harriet were spec… more

‘Operation Normal’

My husband Dave showed me some stories that you have published where sons have requested a spanking from their mothers – … more

A knock on the door

When I was in my first year in college, I moved into an apartment complex where most of the residents were a great deal olde… more

A caning in service

I suspect my story is very different from the majority of spanking memories you receive, primarily because although I w… more

The ladies’ feet

I am a man with a pronounced fetish for women’s feet, whether bare, in sandals or even in open toe pumps. I really d… more

Clearly good sports

I found your website recently and have become an avid reader. I hope my story will be interesting enough to warrant inclu… more

Cooling off, warming up

Growing up in the 60s and 70s, I – along with many other boys and girls – was brought up with spankings from my parents, from … more

Smackings then and now

I should begin my little story by telling you about a recent discussion I had with my now very elderly mother. Apparently… more

Grandmother ups the ante

My mother spanked me and my younger sister when we were growing up, but while they did sting a bit, these punishments were … more

The nurses’ station

I cannot believe this all happened 47 years ago. I spent my teenage years in a large town in the south of England. In our tow… more

Origins of a fetish

When I was 16 my parents took a three-week trip to Europe, and during that time I stayed with my neighbours, who were good f… more

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