Over Peggy’s knee

One of my most memorable spankings was from a young babysitter called Peggy Parker, who warmed not only my own bottom but … more

When mums conspire

Hello! I just found your site – considering my massive interest in the subject I’m surprised it’s taken m… more

Lined up for chastisement

My family consisted of a younger sister and older brother, while our neighbour’s family was made up of two boys (one youn… more

In the care of Mr Smith

I had a best friend in elementary school called Kerry Smith. She was an only child, her parents were older than mine and th… more

Past and present

I’m sure most of us have been embarrassed by our mothers at one time or another, and my own mum caused me much embarr… more

An anachronistic childhood

I know you get frequent stories from those of us raised within the upper echelons of society – here is another! I ho… more

Together in trouble

I discovered this website by accident, and have read many of the stories, so I thought I would tell you all about my wor… more

From all sides

I thought you might like to hear about the origins of my own particular spanking fetish, which has been fuelled by experi… more

Smacked in the name of God

I grew up in what would now be called a cult – there was strict dress, non-mainstream schooling, extreme entanglement wi… more

Brought up short

I have only given one punishment spanking in my life – because that isolated incident made me realise I was into giving sp… more

The mark on the chair

My great grandmother used to watch me one afternoon a week at her house after my half-day of kindergarten was over – this w… more

My spanking history

Thank you for your website and all you do to preserve spanking history – I am a long-term reader and thought it was about ti… more

A spanking from my sister

I was born in 1970 and grew up in Bolton, in the north west of the UK. We were a family of four – myself, Mum and Dad, and my elde… more

Smacking in the family

I’m a long-time reader, first-time writer! Thank you very much for the website you run. My parents were both smac… more

Careful what you wish for!

I only found the Maman site a few days ago and have been reading the posts avidly each evening since, when I have some time o… more

Fundamentally sore bottoms

I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian sect, and from a very early age I knew I was interested in spanking. It wasn’… more

Waiting for the cane

I was about 16 years old when I stayed at my aunt’s house for a month during the summer. My parents had to travel to S… more

Learning about boys

My sister and I were routinely spanked by my mother. She would strip us of all clothing and put us over her knee and g… more

The open gate

My grandfather and grandmother had a farm that my siblings and I visited frequently. One time, when I was 14, I was there w… more

The fruits of disobedience

Growing up, I was certainly smacked but never beaten. To be fair, 99% of these punishments were fully justified – I was a l… more

Two views of childhood

This is an unusual contribution as it comes from two people, who we’ll call Liz and Ian. They both have very differmore

The missing underpants

My mother sadly died when I was only 10 years old – but within less than a year, my father found a new lady friend and she woun… more

The house mother

Growing up shortly after the Second World War, corporal punishment was commonplace both in the home and in school. My fa… more

Living the RV life

When I was in my mid 20s, I became fascinated by the nomadic lifestyle of the RV (recreational) vehicle folks – I had this i… more

Minding – and smacking

My name is Cherry – quite appropriate given our shared interest on this website – and I thought you might like to hear my ow… more

Smackings in care

For me, growing up was a bit all over the place as an experience, with care homes and foster homes aplenty. My mum and dad we… more

Southern values

When I was 23, I went to North Carolina for a short visit with my mom’s cousin Lois – and it was during this stay that I … more

Four burning butts

My parents often travelled on business, and when that occurred, my Aunt Ruth came over and stayed with us.  At the time of … more

The blood debt

I grew in the Bible Belt in the 70s and 80s, and back then spanking was simply a part of everyday life. It was the whole ̵… more

The bottom line

As an English kid, I spent quite a few summer and winter breaks with relatives in the US state of Michigan. These began whe… more

Bad sports get spanked

When my close friend Kenny and I were both 12 years old, we ended up one day both getting spanked by my mother. Kenny and I we… more

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