Over my sister’s knee

Growing up, my mother had great pare,nting skills and was never forced to rely on corporal punishment either for me or fo… more

Hats are not playthings

I’m thrilled to have found this site – there are fantastic stories, and after a few months of reading I finally fou… more

The fussy eater

When I was six, I had to stay with my grandmother for a few weeks, along with my sister Cristina, because my father was goin… more

Job already done

I was thinking of my mom the other day, and the many times that she spanked my behind raw with a leather sandal or her thick b… more

A warning from Grandma

To say that I had a tough start in life would be quite the understatement. When I was 11, my father was sent to prison and my m… more

An unexpected visit

I am from Germany, and grew up being cared for by my grandmother. She was always very loving to me – except when I did someth… more

Caned by Sarah

During the 1970s, the cane was quite often in use at the primary school I attended, although one had to be pretty badly beh… more

The landlady and I

The following account is unusual for this site in that it happened when I was no longer at school, and to all intents and pu… more

Crossing the line

My last whacking from Mum was memorable for all the wrong reasons – especially as I was no longer a schoolboy but had start… more

A hairbrush shared

I’m in my 70s now. I grew up in the 1950s and it was a different world back then. The stories on this site make me nostalgic fo… more

A spanking, and an enema

There was only one person in my childhood who I feared more than my stepmother Samantha – that was Elizabeth, the family h… more

Fun at bedtime

I was born in the mid 80s, the eldest of four kids, and we were all raised with a lot of love, cuddles and a good balanced mix o… more

My father’s daughter

Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I frequently found myself over the knee of his first partner, an American lad… more

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