Job already done

I was thinking of my mom the other day, and the many times that she spanked my behind raw with a leather sandal or her thick belt when I misbehaved or failed to otherwise live up to her expectations.

Mom was tall, about 5ft 10in with generous hips, matronly breasts, large thighs and legs, as well as size 11 feet. My wife is built just like my mother, and as I thought about the latter the other day, it struck me that it had never occurred to me before how similar they were. Their belief in spanking naughty children is similar too, as my wife frequently tans our kids’ backsides long and hard.

My wife and I met when we were both teens, at a track meet. Back then, I ran track for my high school team and a club team. My future wife was always talking about how cute my backside was, and finding some reason to slap it, particularly when I had run a good race.

Once, when I got to her house late, she pulled me into the kitchen, scolded me like a naughty boy and spanked me several times. That resulted in an erection which she teased would be put to better use later on that day.

Back in her bedroom later on, she bared my backside to spank me. Needless to say, I had an erection which needed negotiating as she took down my pants and briefs. When she finally bared my bottom, my wife-to-be got a big surprise, as my buttocks were already bruised and marked.

She demanded to know what had happened, and embarrassingly I had to confess that my mother had already spanked me earlier that evening. Of course, my future wife immediately demanded to know the reason.

The fact was that I had shown bad sportsmanship at the athletics meet earlier in the day and cursed at an official. Our team coach had called Mom and told her what happened. He also advised her that I was suspended from the next meet.

When I got home, Mom was waiting for me, holding one of her huge sandals which she regularly used to beat me. She informed me about the coach’s call (and the suspension), tore a strip off me, then bent me over the kitchen table, beating my bottom firmly with the sandal until I cried and begged her to stop.

Mom let me up, but my ordeal was far from over. She grabbed my hand and led me into the living room, where she promptly bared my behind and bent me over the arm of the couch. She then proceeded to beat my now naked backside – I screamed blue murder but she didn’t stop until her arm finally got tired.

I was in a flood of tears by then and I think Mom felt a bit bad about punishing me so severely. She put me on her lap like a much younger child and rested my wet face against her partly-exposed cleavage, shushing me as she did so. After a while she stood me up, then went to get some cold cream to put on my sore backside.

To my surprise, as she applied the soothing cream to my aching buttocks, Mom reminded me of my date with my girlfriend that evening, then said: “You know, she seems a pretty no-nonsense type of girl. You’d better be good to her, young man, or I can see her taking your pants down herself and spanking that behind of yours!” I blushed, made myself decent and headed off to see my girlfriend.

As she looked at the damage my mother had inflicted, my future wife said: “Well, I don’t think you’re getting another spanking tonight, John – but don’t think you’re off the hook. You will be going over my knee in the next few days some time.”

Making my confession to her had left me with an enormous hard-on. She firmly grasped my erection and began to masturbate me, all the while scolding me for being a naughty boy, until I came thickly and copiously over her hand.

Contributor: John

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