Bent over the bonnet

You may well think that at 18 years old, a girl is past the point where she needs her bottom smacking. Unfortunately, my el… more

The missing report

My sister Rebeca and I were raised in a strict, traditional home. Our parents spanked us for a wide range of misbehaviour… more

Dad’s Sunday ritual

I grew up in a loving but strict household. As a child, whenever I misbehaved, I would receive a bare bottom spanking from … more

Head of the household

I wonder how many of your readers are, like myself, in a domestic discipline relationship? I can vividly remember the da… more

Fun at bedtime

I was born in the mid 80s, the eldest of four kids, and we were all raised with a lot of love, cuddles and a good balanced mix o… more

A spanking on the beach

We were having a family day out at a beach on the UK’s Yorkshire coast – it was 1971 and I was 11 years old.

I had been re… more

Emily’s curiosity

I’ve read dozens of the stories posted here, and although regrettable I think it’s fair to say that at leas… more

Sharing the suffering

Looking back on my childhood in the Netherlands, few events have made such an impression on me as the first time I was span… more

Pot shots

My parents were pretty big stoners when I was growing up – they were at Woodstock, they were liberals. They didn’t … more

The first of many

It was 1951, and I was six years old. My mother would often take me on the bus to the cinema in the next town, and I had asked pe… more

Caned at seven

I grew up in the very late 1950s – yes, I am that old! At the time of this story, we were still living in London. Later, when I w… more

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