Pot shots

My parents were pretty big stoners when I was growing up – they were at Woodstock, they were liberals. They didn’t hide their drug use from us but they also made it clear that we weren’t to touch their stuff.

When I was 10, my mom made some pot brownies for a party my parents were going to, and she made it crystal clear to my sister and I that we weren’t to touch them.

However, my friend Ant was coming over that day and temptation proved too strong – Ant and I decided to sample the brownies. I was actually pretty streetwise and knew not to eat much, so Ant and I split a single small brownie and then played in the yard. The brownie kicked in after an hour or two and we were super giggly and silly.

Mom got home and she figured out immediately what had happened. She sent me to my room and drove Ant home. When she got home she gave me the first spanking I ever got. I remember getting immediately hard as her sandal spanked my butt. There was no pain – just a warm throbbing feeling. Mom absolutely tanned my butt but it didn’t really do much because I still kept giggling.

The only other spanking I got was when I was 13 and tried smoking a little pot. Dad tanned me with his belt and I was grounded for two weeks. Unlike the previous occasion, Dad sensibly waited until I was stone cold sober to tan my bottom, so I felt every swat.

Contributor: Mike

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