Nurturing my fetish

I am a 62-year-old woman and I grew up all over the world. My father belonged to the British army and over the years we lived … more

Getting Julie caned

In my fifth year at grammar school, there was a girl in my class called Julie. She was a gorgeous-looking girl but was very … more

Two harsh lessons

It was with great sadness recently that I learned one of my favourite teachers had died. Mrs Brown [name changed – more

Less talk, more smacks

When I was six, my class teacher was a Mrs Newman, who was (I think) fairly recently married and had not been in the profess… more

A second helping

During my primary school years in France, there was essentially a legal gap regarding the practice of corporal punishm… more

Warm after a cool shower

I want to tell you about the one and only time I got the slipper at school. It was off Mr Willis, my PE teacher at the time. Thi… more

A different fate

I think I would be about six, in my second year of primary school in the UK, and this was the mid-70s. As I mentioned in an earmore

The timid boy

When I was a small boy, parental culture was such that for many children, the threat of a smacking – if you were very naught… more

Waiting for it

As someone who, even now, is extremely aroused by being spanked myself, and indeed thinking or talking about anything t… more

Boys getting swats

During the 1980s, when I was in the third grade, I got a paddling from my class teacher. Some tattle-tale of a kid had appar… more

Bare bottoms in class

Contrary to what many believe, some children did get their bare bottoms smacked in school. I know, because I witnessed o… more

Real spanking experiences

I read recently that someone doubted the truth of stories of corporal punishment experienced by girls at school beyond … more

My sister wets herself

I have read some accounts on your website of children wetting themselves either prior to or during corporal punishment… more

The coat room

When I was in school in the mid 50s, the coat room was where you got swats when needed.  In the 5th grade, I had the first youn… more

Absent without leave

When I was a junior at high school in East Texas in the 1980s, I was paddled for leaving the campus without permission.

Dur… more

The mean girls

This story was one my mom shared with me when I was older, and it took place shortly after my parents got married and before … more

Whackings – and afterwards

I went to a school in north London during the 1970s and the cane was still very much in use. I was unfortunate enough to be se… more

School and home

I was 16 years old, late in my sophomore year of high school. It was the early 1990s. I went to a school that paddled fairly r… more

Boarding school discipline

During the 1950s, I went to a strict boarding school in Western Australia, and I remember being caned very vividly.

To ea… more

My school spankings

Who remembers their school spankings? I recently passed by the site of one of my old schools in Tyne and Wear UK (houses ha… more

What should have happened

It was 1959. I was eight and in my last term at primary school before moving on to the lower school of a large boys’ grammar. … more

The spelling test

I was never very good at spelling – and that lack of ability led to my first and only school paddling, back in the 1980s.

I wa… more

Chatterbox chastised

I was a real chatterbox in school, particularly during my primary years, and my talking in class frequently got me into t… more

Paddling my daughter

About a year after I first took the position of vice principal, I was married – and, as you might expect, children quickly … more

Paddlings for girls

I thought your readers might be interested in my experience of paddling young ladies’ bottoms at a private Chris… more

Spankings on panties

Even though I grew up in Europe at a time when spanking was pretty much on the way out, I still experienced it not only at hom… more

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