Leg smackings from Mum

Although my mother was certainly not above smacking me when I was a naughty little girl, unlike most children I generally didn’t get the punishment on my bottom.

Instead, I got my legs slapped. Now, it’s true that some kids also got this treatment from their parents back in the day but it was usually administered to the naughty child’s thighs, generally just below the buttocks.

However, once again my mother was different, as it was my calves that she slapped. Mum would make me lie on my tummy on the sofa, my legs propped up on the arm. Thus presented for punishment, the smacking could begin.

If i had long socks on, Mum would roll them down to my ankles first. Of course, the punishment stung a lot but it was mostly embarrassing because for the next few hours, everyone we encountered could see that I had pink calves. They knew I’d been a naughty girl and had been smacked.

It wasn’t so bad if I had long socks on because they would mostly hide the redness. But in summer, when I trotted about in my blue jelly shoes with no socks, my smacked calves were like shining beacons advertising my recent misbehaviour.

If I didn’t cooperate with a leg smacking I’d get my bottom smacked instead. However, this was a much more serious punishment so I was almost always compliant in taking my leg smacking. If I did need a smacked bum, Mum would put me over her lap, bare my bottom and spank me hard and long with a wooden spoon.

I also got smacked once at school, in my first year of primary school. My teacher put me across her knee, lifted up my dress and then pulled my knickers up on one side. She then gave me three hard smacks on the crease between my bared buttock and upper thigh. I screamed and got two more smacks for making a noise.

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