A short break

PLEASE NOTE: I’m taking a short holiday, during which site updates are unlikely. Normal service will resume in a… more

Cold, warm and hot

I remember one particular occasion when my sister Cristina really got her bottom warmed well by our mother. She was nine … more

Hats are not playthings

I’m thrilled to have found this site – there are fantastic stories, and after a few months of reading I finally fou… more

New school clothes

When I was eight and my sister Cristina was 10, our mother took us out to the shops one day to buy clothes ready for us starti… more

Bent over the bonnet

You may well think that at 18 years old, a girl is past the point where she needs her bottom smacking. Unfortunately, my el… more

Debut for the hairbrush

When I was bringing up my children, I generally tried to use only my hand to spank them when they were naughty. And usually… more

The late movie show

One Saturday night, when I was eight years old, my elder sister Cristina played our mom up when the time came for us to be or… more

The rule of the cane

I come from a middle-class Indian family, where values were taught and reinforced in both myself and my brother from ear… more

The fussy eater

When I was six, I had to stay with my grandmother for a few weeks, along with my sister Cristina, because my father was goin… more

Dad’s new car

My father had a successful career as a salesman during the 1970s, although he would later go on to a desk job when he got sic… more

The missing report

My sister Rebeca and I were raised in a strict, traditional home. Our parents spanked us for a wide range of misbehaviour… more

Dad’s Sunday ritual

I grew up in a loving but strict household. As a child, whenever I misbehaved, I would receive a bare bottom spanking from … more

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