A short break

Please note I am on holiday for a few days in the w/c May 29. I’m hoping there may still be some pre-scheduled updates to the … more

Sharing the suffering

Looking back on my childhood in the Netherlands, few events have made such an impression on me as the first time I was span… more

A mass slippering

I went to a private all boys prep school in the early 60s and had a PE teacher named Mr Scott [name changed – Ed] who was very f… more

Pot shots

My parents were pretty big stoners when I was growing up – they were at Woodstock, they were liberals. They didn’t … more

The missing link?

This may be a long shot, and I am not really sure where to begin. I may be completely mistaken, however there are so many sim… more

The first of many

It was 1951, and I was six years old. My mother would often take me on the bus to the cinema in the next town, and I had asked pe… more

Whacks and water

After reading about school punishments in some recent postings it is time for me to come out of the woodwork and report my … more

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