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Over Peggy’s knee

One of my most memorable spankings was from a young babysitter called Peggy Parker, who warmed not only my own bottom but … more

Seeing and getting

I’ve been thinking about writing about my spanking history for some time. As today is particularly wet and horrible, it … more

A singular magazine, part I

Maman special feature

Anyone with an interest in cookery of any sort will have heard of the renowned Mrs Beeton. You may h… more

When mums conspire

Hello! I just found your site – considering my massive interest in the subject I’m surprised it’s taken m… more

Lined up for chastisement

My family consisted of a younger sister and older brother, while our neighbour’s family was made up of two boys (one youn… more

Overhearing a switching

I was never switched when growing up – but I certainly knew kids who were. One, a girl named Rebecca – Becky for short – had p… more

An awakening from the rod

Another excerpt from the Victorian pornographic novel The Romance of Lust. After witnessing his little sister receivmore

A birching for Mary

The following is an excerpt from The Romance of Lust, an anonymously-authored pornographic flagellant novel dating fmore

In the care of Mr Smith

I had a best friend in elementary school called Kerry Smith. She was an only child, her parents were older than mine and th… more

The anatomy lesson

When I was a boy, my best mate was Matthew [all names changed – Ed], and he and I spent a lot of time at each other’s houses. I w… more

The mess in the bathroom

The following story was definitely not my finest hour – but it was also a lesson learned and never forgotten.

When I was gr… more

Past and present

I’m sure most of us have been embarrassed by our mothers at one time or another, and my own mum caused me much embarr… more

Shaped by the cane

I attended an international school on the continent of Africa in the 1990s and 2000s – I can’t give any more specif… more

What it’s really like

What a brilliant site! Well done, Maman – long may you continue. My own spanking history really begins in the first yea… more

Not guilty in second grade

When I was in second grade, during the winter us kids had to do our recess in the gym. Our teacher was adamant that no child w… more

Trick or treatment

As we’ve recently celebrated Hallowe’en again, I thought you might like to hear about a whipping I received when I was a g… more

Fantasy versus reality

My name is Ruth, and this email has been sat in my drafts folder for ages. After much soul searching, I’ve finally decided … more

An anachronistic childhood

I know you get frequent stories from those of us raised within the upper echelons of society – here is another! I ho… more

Together in trouble

I discovered this website by accident, and have read many of the stories, so I thought I would tell you all about my wor… more

The gift of a spanking

I would like to offer a modest contribution about a bit of fun that happened the best part of 40 years ago. As a youngster I w… more

Wet and warm

As a child of the 70s, I was more than used to being across my mum or dad’s knee, skirt up and knickers down, and being given a … more

Goodbye to the strap

I remember very clearly the day when our school punishment straps were collected by the council for destruction. It was … more

A practical demonstration

This is a true story of my very vivid recollection of what I can only describe as a ‘demonstration spanking’. When I was in … more

Mother takes over

Like many boys growing up in the 50s, I was used to getting the slipper from my father when I was naughty. It hurt, but was no… more

A different perspective

I have written up ‘my story’ and hope you approve. There is a preamble introduction that sets the scene if y… more

Top of the bots

Your website carries a great many stories about spanking – but I’d bet anything that none of your other contributors hav… more

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