New year, new paywall

I hope you have all enjoyed your unexpected Christmas gift of a preview of our Red Bottom Club. I’m delighted to announce … more

Love and the single mom

I’m not entirely sure at what age my interest in spanking transformed from one of boyish practical avoidance of pain to a … more

Maternal care, continued

Between the ages of 11 and 18, I was frequently spanked naked by my mother. I am an old man now, so those days are far behind m… more

A smacking in the toilets

I have had a spanking fetish since I was a child. However, my family has always been pretty much against any form of corpor… more

My best friend’s secret

The one time anyone ever confided in me about spanking was during my teenage years, when my best friend told me of her loat… more

Disobeying in church

Here is a memory of mine from when I eight years old – I was reminded about this story the other day when visiting some frien… more

The leaving present

I taught at an English middle school (ages 9-13) during the late 70s/early 80s and loved it. It was a hugely rewarding job … more

Briony’s gift

Everyone has their first crush, I guess. And at eight years old, Briony was mine. She was seven years older, and lived nex… more

The view from the stairs

My parents were firm believers in spanking. I recall hearing my mother tell an expecting younger woman that she was a ‘re… more

Seeing and getting, part IV

I mentioned previously how my mother broke a wooden hairbrush across my backside while thrashing me at the age of 14.

At t… more

A change of pace

I have been inspired by other contributors to put fingers to keyboard. Here is my spanking journey so far – names have bee… more

A taste of the past

This happened one time when my I was in my early 20s and I babysat for my older sister Ella. I was unmarried at the time, whil… more

Madame Marache’s factory

Maman special feature

Suzanne Marache’s martinets, made in the small village of Fétigny in the heart of the Morvan regi… more

Mothers Talking: Marine

This interview was originally conducted in the early 2000s. Marine is a French mother of two boys, who at the time were agmore

Life in foster care

For the first eight years of my life, growing up it was just me and my mum. They were often hectic, and sometimes crazy, but … more

Seeing and getting, part III

We all had the usual quick but effective smacks growing up all the way up to maybe 14. A lot of smacks would be given after be… more

Guided by the Bible

I got the first smacked bum I really remember in 1994. I was four years old and a cheeky little chappie; big smiles and lots … more

Remembering the belt

Most of the stories you feature on your website are about correspondents being smacked on their bottoms for misbehavio… more

The lost hairbrush

When I was raising my son Drew, I was firm believer in corporal punishment. Although when he was very young I used my hand t… more

A serious dose of the cane

When I was about 16, my aunt moved back to the United States with her two boys, who were 14 and 17 at the time. My aunt had work… more

Cutting to reality

I found the Maman site over the recent Christmas break, which was a nice little bonus. I thought I might try and join the ra… more

Smoking and burning

The last time I received corporal punishment, I was 15. I made the foolish decision to smoke at school – literally behind … more

One bottom, slightly used

I’ve noticed that much of your content tends to be from the perspective of the person receiving the spanking, rather tha… more

A shameless spanking

As a child, every weekend I was surrounded by cousins – mostly on my mother’s side. The family was huge, as each of m… more

A humiliating experience

As a young girl, I was by no means a stranger to corporal punishment. In fact, in 1970s Britain, I think you’d be hard pushe… more

Not so grown up

The most memorable thrashing I received was in 1968, when I was 13 years old. I grew up on a diet of regular smack bottoms, a… more

Caning the bullies

During my childhood, I never asked outright for a smacking – but there were a few situations where I was offered a choice b… more

Mothers Talking: Cheryl

Cheryl is a single mum, who at the time of this interview lived in the Midlands of the UK with her six-year-old daughter Bimore

Mothers Talking: Joy

Joy is a mother of two boys in New Zealand. At the time of this interview, the children were aged six and eight respectivelmore

Mothers Talking: Roberta

Roberta is another single mom being featured on this website, having at the time of interview a six-year-old daughter nmore

Slippering after sleepover

As a mother, I frequently had resort to a well smacked bottom in keeping my children in line. But I have only ever had to put … more

Smacky Bums

When I was small, myself and the other children in my street would play a lot of games. Piggy run, hide and seek, leap frogg… more

Sweet dreams

I’m 60 now, so what I am about to write happened a long while ago, but the memory is as strong today as it ever w… more

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