Mirror, mirror

When I was young, my mom kept what we called ‘the spanking stick’ in a kitchen drawer. It was a polished piec… more

Go get your spanking

My most memorable spankings from mommy occurred when I was a young boy growing up in the midwest during the late 50s. Span… more

Head of the household

I wonder how many of your readers are, like myself, in a domestic discipline relationship? I can vividly remember the da… more

Caned by Sarah

During the 1970s, the cane was quite often in use at the primary school I attended, although one had to be pretty badly beh… more

The landlady and I

The following account is unusual for this site in that it happened when I was no longer at school, and to all intents and pu… more

Crossing the line

My last whacking from Mum was memorable for all the wrong reasons – especially as I was no longer a schoolboy but had start… more

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