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Crushing my crush

When I was six years old, my primary school teacher was a Mrs Mason. She was a young, attractive lady with shoulder-lengt… more

My grandmother’s scent

I was born in Taiwan and my upbringing there during the 1980s was very typical for the times, particularly when it came to … more

Aunt Pam’s little helpers

Although we did have the cane at my sweet little primary school in Wembley, London, in the 1960s, I managed to avoid it. Ho… more

Memories of my nanny

I come from quite a privileged family, and as my parents were both busy professionals it was only natural that they would … more

Smacked beside the seaside

My parents didn’t smack very often – my sister and I were raised in the 80s, when spanking was becoming rather unfa… more

At both ends of the cane

I enjoy reading the memories posted on your website, especially those involving the cane, a punishment implement with … more

A caning at church

When I was 15, my nan was taken seriously ill, so my mum travelled to her bedside with my dad. As it was in school time, they f… more

Trying out a spanking

It was, as usual, a wet Bank Holiday. My friend Graham and I were bored and our mums decided to take us to a local jumble sale… more

How to make a point

I was one of the first from our British primary school to go to a middle school, when the system changed in the late 1970s – p… more

Our new neighbour

The house next door to us had been empty for some time before Mrs Ryan, our new neighbour, moved in. She seemed ancient to m… more

A birthday to remember

I’m an Italian-American boy who basically got spanked for every misdeed until about I was about 11 years old. At t… more

The last spanking

I’ll always remember the last spanking I got while living at home – it was exactly three days before I left home fo… more

Smacked by my stepmother

My parents split up when I was very young – my mother ran off with a friend of my dad’s, and after about six months the… more

The move that mattered

I am a mother of two and when our boy was ten and my daughter aged eight, we decided to move to India for a while from our origi… more

Slippered twice in a day

I was nine years old, and for the second time in about a month, I hadn’t done my homework. Even now as we sat down in cl… more

Getting Julie caned

In my fifth year at grammar school, there was a girl in my class called Julie. She was a gorgeous-looking girl but was very … more

Showing off the damage

When I was 10 years old, I began attending a girls’ school in the west of Ireland which, like many at the time, was ru… more

The cane and the tissues

Although I now live in London, I was actually born in Hong Kong and raised there during the 1980s. My parents, who are both … more

A real hit single

It was the autumn of 1972, and as you will see, I have no problem remembering or confirming the date.

That summer I had turn… more

Tables turned on tease

My mother died very suddenly when my younger sister and I were quite young (I was six and my little sister Pamela was barel… more

One big mess

When I received my final – and worst – spanking from my mother, I was within a few weeks of turning 16. It ended up being for a… more

Aunt Brenda gives the strap

Although my parents rarely used corporal punishment much, I did have an Aunt Brenda who used it with vigour. She had one d… more

Two harsh lessons

It was with great sadness recently that I learned one of my favourite teachers had died. Mrs Brown [name changed – more

A family secret

I was with my sisters-in-law recently – the wine was flowing pretty freely and the girl talk was starting to get naughty. … more

My dad’s slipper

Spankings began quite early for me – I have a vivid memory of being barely three and being taken upstairs by my father for a … more

Life with a Tiger Mom

I fell for my partner a long time ago, and we are still two women deeply in love. To me, she is to me the most beautiful woman … more

Over the maid’s knee

When I was a little boy, we had a black maid called Ella, who was ‘the help’ around our house. Even back then (… more

Gloria’s spankings

Small town Illinois is still a very conservative place, and it was even more so when I grew up there during the early 80s, w… more

My career as a nanny

I’m now in my early late 60s and long retired, but before my marriage and raising my own family, I spent about eight … more

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