Over my sister’s knee

Growing up, my mother had great pare,nting skills and was never forced to rely on corporal punishment either for me or for my brothers and sister.

However once, when I was nine, my parents both went out and told my sister – who was 14 at the time – that she was in charge. At one point I was out in the back garden playing with a football and I kicked it too hard and too high, breaking a window.

The family was going through a difficult time financially at that stage and the cost of replacing it was going to be a real burden. My sister took me indoors and then explained this to me in no uncertain terms in front of my brothers.

Then she told me to get over her knees. I felt guilty for what I had done so didn’t put up a fight, but just placed myself across her lap. She then proceeded to pull down my trousers and underpants, revealing my naked bottom. In retrospect, I think she enjoyed that.

But all I knew or cared about at the time was the spanking she gave me – a series of stinging, hard slaps that seemed to go on and on. I’m told that my bottom went bright red – certainly my face did.

When eventually my sister was done with me, she made me stand up – exposing my willy before I could hastily pull up my clothes again and make myself decent.

This incident happened 60 years ago, but the thought of it still brings a blush to my face.

Contributor: Allan

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