Fantasy becomes reality

I have had a ‘thing’ about spanking ever since a pretty female teacher smacked my bottom in my early years at secondary school. Of course, things were very different then, with the cane from the headmaster being a very real threat for naughty boys and girls alike.

Nevertheless, I was shocked at being treated like a little boy again at such an advanced age. But in retrospect, I also found I had enjoyed the experienced, and began to think about it regularly when I masturbated. And one day, I actually drew a picture of myself being spanked bare bottom over my mum’s knee. I found myself getting hard just drawing the scene and ended up wanking over it a few times, although I was also very ashamed of it too, so I hid it carefully away from prying eyes.

This story really begins, though, at the age of 17. By then, I had left school and was in my first job. I was still living at home with Mum (my parents had separated by then) and that apart, I was pretty much wrapped up in the usual things a boy of that age is – football, beer and girls. In fact, I had daringly got a few of my girlfriends to smack my bottom too!

Anyway, one day I came home from work, and Mum was going about some household chores. She was wearing a rather pretty pink, flowery summer dress with a pair of sandals which showed off her neat bare feet and pretty painted toes.

“You look nice,” I said, “where are you going?” I naturally assumed she was having an evening out somewhere. “Nowhere,” she replied. Then to my horror, she added: “But you are, though. You’re going over Mummy’s knee for a jolly good spanking!”

I felt my mouth fall open with the shock. Not only had I not done anything wrong, but the thought that I considered a candidate for a smacked bottom at 17 blew my mind. And it had been a long, long time since I called her ‘Mummy’!

I struggled to speak, and before I could get any words out, Mum went over to a kitchen drawer, from which she produced the spanking drawing I had done when I was 13. I blushed a deep shade of crimson, and Mum just looked me in the eye. “Well?” was all she said.

Stammering, I tried to explain that it had just been a fantasy moment, and had been done four years ago. Mum looked me in the eye again. “I don’t care when you did it, Lee – it’s obviously what you want done, and as your mother I think it’s my duty to do it.”

“No way!” I began, but she interrupted me. “You’ve got two choices, young man. You can either go over my knee and be spanked right now, or I can start showing this little bit of art to your friends, and the rest of the family.” By now, she had pulled out a straight-backed dining table chair and had sat on it, drawing up her skirt as she did so to reveal her bare thighs. “If you want to act like a little boy, then I’m going to treat you like one. Now, which is it to be?”

My answer was to hang my head in shame and walk slowly to her, as I had so often as a younger boy when she smacked my bottom. Her hands went to the front of my trousers and time seemed to stand still as she unbuttoned, then unzipped me before lowering them to my ankles. I looked down, and to my horror realised I had a large erection in my underpants. But Mum just laughed at the sight of my arousal, and my penis popped up like a rocket as she took my pants down too.

Then she took me by the hand, as she had done so many times before in the past when I was a naughty little boy, and placed me in the time-honoured position. I had forgotten how hard her hand was and the smacks rang out like pistol shots. Meanwhile, my erect penis rubbed against her bare thighs as my bottom bucked up and down, and I was terrified that I might lose my load.

The smacking stung all right, but I must admit I was loving it. Mum finished me by taking off one of her slippers and tanning my arse until I couldn’t sit. When I was finally allowed up, my hard-on was as pronounced as ever. Mum gave me a final slap across my bare backside and said: “Now, go to your room. It looks like you have business to take care of there!” I was so ashamed but despite it all, sure enough when I got to my bedroom I wanked furiously until I came in a wad of tissues.

I hardly dare look Mum in the eye the next day, hoping it would all be forgotten like a bad dream. No such luck. “I’m surprised you can sit this morning, young man,” she said. “Next time, it’ll be the slipper all the way and I’ll invite some of your friends round to watch as well!” Obviously this never happened, but just the thought was enough to make me both dread and yet crave the scenario at the same time.

Contributor: Lee

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