Bent over the bonnet

You may well think that at 18 years old, a girl is past the point where she needs her bottom smacking. Unfortunately, my eldest daughter found out one day that she wasn’t yet too big to be spanked.

It was a May holiday weekend, and we had decided to surprise our teenage girls with a trip to a hotel a few hours away. Well, it turned out that our eldest had made plans of her own – nevertheless, her father insisted that she come with us, having spent a significant amount of money on what was supposed to have been a pleasant surprise.

As it was, she moaned and complained constantly during the days leading up to the trip, to the point where to be honest we were almost thinking about letting her stay home after all because of her attitude.

Nevertheless, we eventually all set off in the car. By the time we had been driving for two hours, a think everyone was getting a little bit tired and irritable. It was at this point that our eldest got into some disagreement with her sister and before long it had significantly escalated.

My husband looked over his shoulder at the back seat occupants and told them: “Settle down, or I’ll pull the car over and smack bottoms!” Granted they were big girls to be given such a childish punishment, but my husband never hesitated to put the girls over his knee when needed, and as I have mentioned before, not even I am exempt from a sore bottom when he thinks I deserve it.

Our eldest had only recently turned 18 and she mistakenly thought that she was now too old for a spanking. She laughed and told her dad that she was an adult now – but he could go ahead and spank her sister. That’s when my husband saw red. “Oh really, young lady? Well, as long as you are living in my house, you will be disciplined as I see fit – do you understand?” I won’t record her response here, but suffice to say it included quite a few expletives. Her dad didn’t reply but I could tell by his face that he was absolutely furious. I wasn’t therefore very surprised when he pulled the car over as soon as we came to a lay-by.

He yanked our daughter out of the car and bent her over the bonnet. She, meanwhile, was screaming and begging not to be spanked. “Please, Daddy, no! People will see! Please, Papa, please! I’m sorry! Just wait until we’re at the hotel?” 

As we all knew too well, all the begging in the world wouldn’t do her any good once her father had decided on a spanking. He pulled down her shorts and pants, then spanked her bare bottom over and over again until it was bright red and she was crying loudly. 

Suddenly we heard clapping. A couple of hikers had happened upon the scene and obviously approved of seeing a mouthy teenager getting her comeuppance! My poor daughter was mortified by the fact that two complete strangers had seen her bare bottom (and probably the rest of her too) but my husband was completely unfazed by the meeting. As I’ve mentioned before, he is a firm believer in his responsibility to protect and discipline his family, and that includes me. 

He put our daughter back in the car, but wouldn’t allow her pull her knickers up until we reached the hotel. In the meantime, she had to sit her burning, sore bottom on the hot leather seat for another hour. There wasn’t one word out of her for the rest of the journey!

The next day, when we were at the hotel pool, you could clearly see her father’s red handprints poking out from around her the hem of her bikini bottoms, but it didn’t seem to bother her, and she had fun with her sister and played like a little girl.

Contributor: Kate

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