Tease taught a lesson

When I was about 12 years old, I had a sleepover one night with three of my closest friends. We were at my house and the first … more

An unforgettable day

It started with myself and a few of my friends in our car in a superstore car park. We were about to drive off when we heard th… more

Disaster at the mall

By the time I was 13, my parents had started to phase out spanking as a way of punishing me when I misbehaved, in favour of g… more

Spankings in class

During the late 60s/early 70s, I worked as an early years classroom teacher in both kindergarten and first grade in scho… more

Seeing the results

I was at my best friend Jason’s house when this happened. It was the late 70s, and we were nine years old. We’… more

First time obedience

When I went to college, I found it difficult to find somewhere to live that was both close to the campus and affordable, an… more

My first and only

My parents didn’t believe in spanking, in a time when most parents had no hesitation in warming their kids’ bottoms if th… more

Fire before the fireworks

My parents divorced when I was seven, after which I lived with my Mom in New England, and spent one month visiting my dad in … more

Mothers Talking: Alma

Alma is a mother of three and grandmother to four. She comes from a large and loving Jewish family with its roots in the citmore

Mom’s helping hand

The following took place when I was eight years old. My favourite summertime activity as a kid was riding my bike. I spent … more

Introducing the slipper

I don’t know why exactly, but until the age of six I was a stranger to corporal punishment. I think I may have had the … more

My first from Kate

The following true story took place in the summer of 1984, when I was nine years old. My parents had divorced two years ear… more

Wet pants and sore bottoms

The following is a true story, which I would love to share with your readers. It happened to me in the early 1980s. My paren… more

Paddled at Mrs Freeman’s

I’ve always had something of a big mouth, and it has got me into trouble many times in my life, but never more memora… more

A second helping

During my primary school years in France, there was essentially a legal gap regarding the practice of corporal punishm… more

A naked slippering (audio)

Sometimes, when we were children, we would think we had got away with serious misbehaviour – only for it to catch up with u… more

The seeds of childhood

We are a married couple from Brittany in France and we both really enjoy reading your site. Although we are a very compati… more

Encounter in a bus shelter

During the late 1980s I was working in the city of London and living on the outskirts, and so caught the bus into work each d… more

Mum hits the roof (audio)

When young Simon decided to retrieve his own ball from the flat roof of his mother’s office, it ended up with six of … more

Pants down in public

I was around seven or eight when Mum actually carried out one of her most heart-stopping threats. It only happened once, … more

A strict yet caring mom

I come from a large middle class Indian family, comprising my retired father, my homemaker mother, myself, my wife and s… more

A different fate (audio)

Sometimes, even good boys have a secret desire to be taken over someone’s knee and have their bare bottoms soundl… more

Beltings from my mother

I grew up in the 70s and 80s, and before Mum and Dad split up she was the disciplinarian of the house. She believed wholehea… more

The sally rod (audio)

Irish mother Kelly recalls how she changed the disciplinary regime in her home with the introduction of a traditional i… more

When father got home

Having a headmaster for a dad was not the easiest of childhoods, particularly when you’re an only child on whom yo… more

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