Tanning for a shoplifter

I came from a mixed family background – my mum is African and my dad, who I never knew, is English. Before my mum got ill and I … more

Girls and boys

In most of the stories I have read on your excellent site, I notice that in most of the families mentioned, both girls and b… more

From spank to wank

I grew up in an Irish Catholic family with two sisters, one a year older and one a year younger than myself. My father was a p… more

An old hand

By the time I turned 16, I must have smacked more bottoms than many mothers do during a decade of parenting – and what’s mor… more

Paying for pleasure

I grew up with two brothers who were older than I was. At the time of this incident I would be 14 and my brothers 16 and 17 res… more

Maternal care, continued

Between the ages of 11 and 18, I was frequently spanked naked by my mother. I am an old man now, so those days are far behind m… more

Disobeying in church

Here is a memory of mine from when I eight years old – I was reminded about this story the other day when visiting some frien… more

Briony’s gift

Everyone has their first crush, I guess. And at eight years old, Briony was mine. She was seven years older, and lived nex… more

A change of pace

I have been inspired by other contributors to put fingers to keyboard. Here is my spanking journey so far – names have bee… more

Cutting to reality

I found the Maman site over the recent Christmas break, which was a nice little bonus. I thought I might try and join the ra… more

A shameless spanking

As a child, every weekend I was surrounded by cousins – mostly on my mother’s side. The family was huge, as each of m… more

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