My turn for the belt

I was certainly no stranger to spankings while growing up. My teacher mother spanked us with her hand, the wooden spoon … more

The power of the smack

I’ve read many of the stories on your website and many of them concern parents who employed an implement to whip th… more

A stroke of respectability

One aspect of parental discipline which is not often talked about is how some mothers and fathers deliberately tried to … more

Waiting for it

As someone who, even now, is extremely aroused by being spanked myself, and indeed thinking or talking about anything t… more

The cane after confession

I first started receiving communion and going to confession when I was eight years old (this was in the 1960s). Mum alway… more

Wetting my pants (audio)

Sometimes, the prospect of a spanked bottom proved so scary that the child in question would have an accident – somethin… more

The belt from Mom (audio)

Back in the days of traditional discipline, stealing was one misdemeanour almost guaranteed to earn you a good sore bot… more

Another maid memory

Our family maid had full disciplinary authority over me and my sister, which she exercised by taking off her thick leath… more

On her knee, and over it

When I was around four (it certainly wasn’t any older, as I hadn’t started school), my mother took a little … more

Spanked by the amah

My mum did all the spanking when we were young, mainly because my father was away on military service. There were five of u… more

In front of the family

I have already written about a few of my spanking memories. I had thought that I was not spanked too often while growing up … more

From icy to hot

It’s currently winter here and for the first time for some years, we have very cold weather and snow. And the weath… more

Two motherly spankings

My Aunt Gracie was my dad’s older sister, by about 12 years. I had a great relationship with her and her three boys, Joseph… more

Paint it red (audio)

In this real-life mother account, Estelle recalls the time she gave her twin sons a sore bottom each for getting a bit too … more

Facing the congregation

When I was 14, I attended a four-day church camp in the mountains. During the last two days of the trip, myself and some oth… more

An own goal (audio)

In the days when mischievous kids faced the very real threat of a smacked bottom even from relative strangers, an innoce… more

Something stinks (audio)

Kids’ behaviour can sometimes be altogether disgusting, and in this frank reminiscence, Sean remembers how hi… more

Broken window, sore bottom

I didn’t receive many spankings as a child, certainly not compare with some of my friends. Even when I was given a s… more

Mum hits the roof

My mother was a lady GP and a modest extension to our house in the south of England served as her practice. This meant she co… more