The fussy eater

When I was six, I had to stay with my grandmother for a few weeks, along with my sister Cristina, because my father was goin… more

Dad’s new car

My father had a successful career as a salesman during the 1970s, although he would later go on to a desk job when he got sic… more

The missing report

My sister Rebeca and I were raised in a strict, traditional home. Our parents spanked us for a wide range of misbehaviour… more

Dad’s Sunday ritual

I grew up in a loving but strict household. As a child, whenever I misbehaved, I would receive a bare bottom spanking from … more

Job already done

I was thinking of my mom the other day, and the many times that she spanked my behind raw with a leather sandal or her thick b… more

A warning from Grandma

To say that I had a tough start in life would be quite the understatement. When I was 11, my father was sent to prison and my m… more

Just the ticket

I live in the American midwest, a place where many believe spanking to be firmly a thing of the past. From my own circle, I k… more

Smack Club

This is a story I have wanted to send into Maman for some time, but I’m only doing so now as the friend I mention has no… more

A run of bad luck

During my childhood, one of the most popular (and naughty) games me and my friends would play was ringing doorbells and t… more

Exploring the past

One of our most prolific contributors in recent times has been Mark, the author of the series ‘Seeing and gettingmore

An unexpected visit

I am from Germany, and grew up being cared for by my grandmother. She was always very loving to me – except when I did someth… more

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