In the basement with Dad

I grew up in a large, very religious family and discipline was taken very seriously. ‘Spare the rod, spoil the chi… more

The bottom line

As an English kid, I spent quite a few summer and winter breaks with relatives in the US state of Michigan. These began whe… more

Bathed by the babysitter

My parents hardly ever used the services of a babysitter as I grew up. Generally, if they had to be somewhere I couldnR… more

Uncovering the past

About two years after I had married my wife Barbara, my work transferred me from my native Scotland to a new role in the sou… more

No match for discipline

This is a true story from my childhood in 1980s New Zealand. One day, when I was about eight years old, I decided to play wit… more

No refuge at Granny’s

This is the story of the day I ran away from home. I did so trying to escape a sore bottom – but ended up not sitting comfortab… more

Bad sports get spanked

When my close friend Kenny and I were both 12 years old, we ended up one day both getting spanked by my mother. Kenny and I we… more

Up my sister’s skirt

By the age of 12, my hormones were starting to have a big effect on my behaviour and my interest in girls was on the rise – lit… more

The last boy standing

I’m now in my 60s, and every week I help out with reading classes at my grandson’s primary school in the nort… more

Rump roast at the BBQ

Surprisingly, I wasn’t spanked at home as a kid. I say surprisingly, because we’re talking about the 1970… more

Brought up short

When I was in eighth grade, it was a popular thing for girls to try and get away with stretching the dress code a little. Ski… more

Smacked bottom cream

My mother suffered badly with arthritis from quite an early age, when my little brother and I were still quite young, and … more

The model aeroplane

For my seventh birthday, among my presents from my parents was an Airfix model kit of a Spitfire, perhaps the most iconic … more

The sandpaper block

My dad had an unusual approach to discipline when it came to his two daughters. My big sister and I were never spanked, but … more

The second spanking

I was mostly a pretty good boy in school – but I was a normal kid and, as such, I did get into trouble from time to time. Somet… more

A good smack

A few years back, I was waiting in a bank waiting for an interview with the manager. Also waiting was a young mother with tw… more

The naughty little goat

This story is about an unhappy little boy who was made to feel very special by a kind, warm and beautiful young woman. I hav… more

A plantation spanking

The following is an extract from The Memoirs of Dolly Morton – a pornographic novel first published in 1899 under the psemore

The third landing

When I tell people I was brought up in Paris, many have a mistaken idea of a very romantic upbringing! Naturally, the trut… more

The hunt for a sore bottom

When I was about 10 or 11, I became best mates with a boy named Nick [all names changed – Ed]. We were a pair of happy-go-luck… more

Pride before a fall

Editor’s note: This account has been added to following further information from our original correspondent.more

Attracting a spanking

When I was 14, my best friend was Jordan, who was a year younger than me. He himself had two younger brothers, 11 and nine at … more

Under their clothes

As a confirmed smacking mum, one aspect of family discipline which always use to amuse me somewhat was the fact that if th… more

Their first time: Helen

In another of our series of conversations with mothers about their child’s first ever spanking, we talk to Helenmore

A trip to the basement

Back in the 1990s, my dad worked for an Anglo-American company. He got friendly with one of his work colleagues over ther… more

Spanking at the vicarage

I was brought up in a very ordinary middle class family in a Lancashire village during the 1970s. My dad had a good job as a s… more

A timely spanking

When my husband left me for another woman, I was 31 years old with a son aged six. It was after this split that my previously … more

Their first time: Denise

A child’s first spanking is a memorable occasion not only for the recipient, but also the parent administering it. Some more

Mum’s bedside table

By the time I was 13, I was becoming more and more aware of sexual matters – but one day, that natural curiosity landed me in … more

The formidable Mrs Watson

This encounter took place in south east London in 1970 – it was my third of four years of junior school before moving up to s… more

Love – and the cane

Although I now live and work in the UK, I was brought up in the Philippines by a very loving, but strict, mother. My father t… more

A different position

When I was a kid, my mom always spanked me the same way – bent over the couch, knees on floor and my pants and undies at my ankl… more

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