My classmate Yairi

At the school I attended, there was a theoretical possibility of being spanked, but such punishments were rare. Even when given, they were mostly symbolic. However, the few cases in which I saw children being spanked are etched in my memory to this day.

One of these incidents occurred in fifth grade, when I was 10. My classmate Yairi was a boy with a normal build and not fat at all, but he had a particularly prominent and chubby bottom, just like a girl’s. Whatever pants he wore, it looked like his behind was barely squeezed into them. Thus, he always had a solid, cheeky, striking and perfect bottom.

I didn’t really think about it much until the day Yairi was one of three children who got spanked in front the whole class by our teacher. The latter had to leave the classroom for a few moments for some reason, warning us to be quiet and continue with our work.

Despite the warning, some of the children – including Yairi – promptly caused an uproar as soon as we had been left alone. Little did they know that before he returned to the classroom, our teacher had been listening carefully to whose voices were raised, and when he came back in he called the three children out to the front.

He lined them up next to the wall next to him, facing the classroom, waiting for their punishment. The teacher stood at his desk in front of the entire class, raised his left knee and rested it on his chair, with his right foot on the ground. Then he called the first child to him and grabbed him by the shoulders. The boy, realising what a humiliating punishment he was about to endure, tried to struggle a little but the teacher easily overpowered him.

I remember the smile on the teacher’s face as he put the boy over his raised knee. The child’s legs remained perpendicular in the air, while his upper body was now balanced on the teacher’s knee, with the master’s left hand supporting the child’s chest below. With the pupil folded in the air in this helpless position and his bottom raised in front of all the pupils in the class, the teacher slapped him on the bottom once.

It was just one slap – a strong one, but it was clearly intended to shame more than hurt. Immediately afterwards, the teacher lowered the child to the ground and lined him up again against the wall, facing the classroom. Tears of humiliation sparkled in the boy’s eyes.

Yairi was second in line. Perhaps because he saw what had happened to the first boy, Yairi submitted quietly to his punishment. I found this surrender really arousing, and became aware of a huge erection tenting my pants beneath my desk.

The teacher put Yairi on his knee, and in front of all the expectant eyes administer a huge, resounding slap on his perfect butt. Immediately afterwards he took him down and put him in his place by the wall. Yairi lowered his eyes in shame and I couldn’t meet his gaze after the humiliating punishment, even though I really wanted to.

The third boy really tried to resist being laid over the teacher’s knee. After a slight struggle, the teacher succeeded in getting him in position. Then, with a smile, he informed the whole class that as punishment for his resistance, this boy would get a double dose. Then he gave that small bottom two ringing slaps, though by that time I wasn’t paying much attention. I just kept thinking of the beautiful submissive sight of Yairi being spanked. I replayed the moment over and over in my mind, especially at night before falling asleep, and I would get an immense hard-on every time.

I started to develop fantasies about being allowed to spank Yairi in a similar way to what I had witnessed. I imagined all kinds of scenarios, at the end of which he was forced to lie across my lap, submissive as he had been to our teacher, and slapped his bottom over and over again. Alternatively, I tried to imagine how I could get one of the teachers to spank Yairi for my pleasure.

But all my fantasies were in vain – Yairi was stronger than me, and there was no way I could hit him against his will, certainly not on his bottom and in such a traditional punishment position. As I’ve already mention, spankings at school were also pretty rare, so the chance of witnessing another – let alone one involving Yairi – were very small.

However, on occasions I did touch my crush’s bottom, especially if there were a lot of kids crowded together somewhere and any contact could not clearly be attributed to me. Beyond that, though, I didn’t get anywhere. Yairi and I were little more than acquaintances – but that didn’t stop me thinking about smacking his bottom!

Two years later, there was a change in circumstances. Yairi’s mother started working with my own mum in the same office and they became close friends. This friendship finally bore fruit for me when my mother had to be away for a few days, and it was agreed with Yairi’s mum that I should go and stay with them.

At first, the prospect of a visit to Yairi’s house didn’t sound very promising, but I thought that at least I might have the opportunity to see him naked and I began to expectantly imagine what that lovely bottom looked like without underpants. However, it transpired that he was quite a shy boy, and he changed into his pyjamas in the bathroom behind a locked door. Nevertheless, we did become quite good friends.

Then, two days into my stay, it happened. In front of our school was a kiosk which – very much against the law – sold single cigarettes, and sometimes to children. At break time, Yairi suggested we run to the kiosk, buy a cigarette each, and smoke them until the bell rang again. Unfortunately for us, we got caught. We were sent to the head teacher, who suspended us both for three days and summoned Yairi’s mother to pick us up.

I saw that Yairi’s face was pale at this prospect, but I didn’t know why. I assumed we would receive some severe punishment, but I didn’t know what to expect. In our house, I would have received a decent spanking from my mother or aunt for such misbehaviour, but even back then not all parents used corporal punishment, and I had no idea what the policy was at Yairi’s house.

The drive home was completely silent, with Yairi’s mother looking like thunder. When we got home, she ordered us both to change into our pyjamas and then come back down to the living room. We did so immediately, Yairi changing in the bathroom as usual. When we came back down to the living room, his mother had placed a straight-back chair in the middle of the floor and was sitting on it.

As soon as we entered the room, Yairi’s mother called her son to come to her. I could hardly believe my eyes as she calmly took down his pyjama pants and laid him across her lap. It was the first time in my life that I had seen Yairi’s bare bottom, and it was spectacular. His skin was tanned except for the lily-white areas of his body normally covered by underpants or swimming trunks. As Yairi lay in front of me on his mother’s lap, his beautiful bottom on show, I felt such an erection forming that I was afraid my penis would burst out of the front of my pyjamas.

Without a word, Yairi’s mother began to thoroughly spank her son’s bare bottom. I stood there breathless, mentally counting how many smacks the boy was getting. His mum was in no hurry at all. At a slow, steady pace, she landed smack after smack on her son’s backside, leaving enough space between them for him to fully appreciate the sting. At a little over the halfway, I lost count and Yairi tried putting his hand back to protect his buttocks. His mum merely slapped his hand hard and put it back in place in front of him.

Finally, the boy was ordered to stand up. Yairi’s bottom was completely red, and his eyes were downcast in shame, his face flushed and wet with tears. Unbidden, he went to the corner and faced the wall, his pyjama pants still at his ankles, his hands clasped in front of him. Presumably, this was a normal part of the spanking ritual in his home. Yairi’s perfect, red hot bottom was on display in front of me – and for the first time in my life, I felt wetness at the tip of my penis, and a sensation of a boiling current seeking its way out.

But I had no time left to think about this new and unfamiliar feeling, as Yairi’s mum crooked her finger towards me. “Right, young man, your turn!” I walked towards her obediently, suddenly becoming aware that my stiff penis was clearly visible in the front of my pyjama pants. Yairi’s mother was not at all impressed by the sight of my erection. She simply hauled down my pyjama pants, fully exposing my proud little soldier, which she placed deftly between her legs as she put me in the spanking position.

Surprisingly, she didn’t begin to smack me right away. Instead, she placed her hand on the centre of my bared bottom, and for what seemed like an eternity she just held it there without saying a word. Her palm was hot from the friction she had induced on her son’s bottom, which in turn spread a pleasant warmth in my own buttocks.

To this day, I don’t know why she did this – maybe her hand needed a rest after chastising her son. Or perhaps, because my bottom was small and compact, unlike Yairi’s, she was assessing how best to spank me. Either way, the thought that the warm hand resting on my own intimate parts had been used just a moment ago to spank Yairi’s bottom excited me more than I can describe. Perhaps inevitably, it was at this point that for the first time in my young life, I let out a squirt of semen.

Yairi’s mother, of course, understood before even I did what had happened, and this spurred her into angry action, and she began to spank me properly. In retrospect, it was probably a little less worse than the ones I received at home – maybe she had already worn herself out a little on the first punishment. Nevertheless, I still had a very red behind afterwards.

When she had finished with us both, Yairi’s mother sent us to our room, warning us not to come out until morning, unless we needed the toilet. We both scooted upstairs, still bare-bottomed.

To my surprise, when we got to his bedroom, Yairi didn’t pull his pyjamas back up, but lay face-down on his bed for a while, having a little cry. Relieved, I unashamedly did the same.

Once our tears had stopped flowing, Yairi whispered: “When I get spanked, I put suncream on my bottom afterwards. It helps cool it down a bit ease the burning a little. Will you put some on mine?”

Hardly believing such luck, I took the proffered tube of cream from my friend, who then lay back down on his tummy. I squirted a bit of cream on to my hand and began to apply it generously to Yairi’s buttocks. I began to get hard again and after rubbing the cream on for a minute or two, I ended up sitting astride his legs and rubbed my penis up and down his now greasy bottom until I came for the second time that day. Then I laid down while Yairi did the same thing to me. Then we fell asleep, exhausted from both punishment and pleasure.

I went home the next day and sadly after that, I had almost no further contact with Yairi. In retrospect, I think he was avoiding me because of the shame. But to this day, the mental picture of that boy lying over his mother’s lap – being soundly spanked on that perfect, bare bottom – remains my favourite sexual stimulant.

Contributor: Nick

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