Debut for the hairbrush

When I was bringing up my children, I generally tried to use only my hand to spank them when they were naughty. And usually, this would be quite sufficient to alter their behaviour, especially as I always bared their bottoms before I put them across my knee, to make sure it stung.

However, there were occasions when I felt their misbehaviour had been of a level to warrant a more serious and painful punishment – and for this, I used a hairbrush.

My daughter Susan was my first ‘customer’ for the brush, when she was around seven years old. I was chatting to a neighbour over our garden fence and Susana kept interrupting our conversation to talk about something she wanted. I gave my daughter several warnings about interrupting her elders when they were talking but unfortunately these seemed to fall on deaf ears.

I could see my neighbour was also getting tired of my daughter’s interruptions, and eventually she turned to Susana and said: “Little girl, since you don’t seem to be able to learn any manners, maybe your mummy needs to take you inside and smack your bottom!”

I blushed, feeling a little bit criticised as a mother, and said to her: “You’re right, and that’s exactly what she’s going to get right now.” The other woman smiled indulgently and said: “All kids need it sometimes – I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve put mine across my knee!”

I nodded, grabbed Susana’s hand and led her towards the house. By now, she was under no illusion about what was about to happen to her. My husband was just coming out of the house to do some gardening as I was taking Susana back indoors. “What’s the matter with her?” he asked. “She’s been a naughty girl and I’m going to beat her,” I replied. My husband never interfered with discipline in our home and merely nodded, adding: “Make sure she gets a good one, then.”

I took Susana to our bedroom, and her crying and screaming intensified as she watched me open a drawer of my dressing table and retrieve the hairbrush. She had never been smacked with it before, but she had been given plenty of warnings about its possible use.

I sat down on our bed and ordered Susana to come to me. She obeyed, albeit very reluctantly. I quickly undid her jeans and after unzipping her, pulled them down to her ankles, quickly following them with her panties. Then I put her across my knee, hitching up her T-shirt a little to make sure the target was clear.

It had already been a long, hot summer and we had spent many hours in our swimming pool. A very clear memory of that first spanking is how white my daughter’s bottom cheeks were compared with the rest of her surrounding skin. But they weren’t white for very long as I applied that hairbrush – not overly hard, but the amount of sting it inflicted compared with my usual hand was so great that Susana was a bawling mess by about the third smack. I didn’t stop until she had been well beaten and her buttocks had almost as good a tan as the rest of her.

Comforting her afterwards, I had never known her to cry so much after a spanking, and part of me felt a little bad for having given her such a thorough beating. But the hairbrush did its job – from that day on, Susana was far more careful to listen to my orders, although it was far from the last time her bottom felt it!

Contributor: Laura

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