A mass slippering

I went to a private all boys prep school in the early 60s and had a PE teacher named Mr Scott [name changed – Ed] who was very found of slippering boys’ bottoms for the least thing.

For any transgressor, it would be over the vaulting box and two whacks from Mr Scott’s large leather slipper. If you were fortunate, the punishment was given over shorts. However, mostly Mr Scott would tug down your shorts and slipper your bare bottom (we were not allowed to wear underpants in PE for hygiene reasons.

Before the event I am about to recount (which happened when I was 10 years old) I had felt my teacher’s slipper a few times, mostly on the bare, but at least it was over with fairly quickly. This event was different.

Once changed, we were supposed to go and sit in the gym. On this particular day, however, the entire class (15 of us) decided to run around, chasing each other and playing tag. Mr Scott came in and caught us. I, and I think the whole class, thought only one thing – it’s a slippering!

Mr Scott made us line up side by side facing the vaulting box, which clearly we would soon in turn be bending over. He fetched his slipper, said we knew the rules and told us he was going to give us all three strokes on our bottoms.

As I say, his standard punishment was two whacks, so I think we all thought he was going to do it over our shorts for three. I was at the end of the line, so it was clear I would be either first or last. I remember praying it would be first, not because I wanted the slipper but to get it over with.

Then, to my shock (and no doubt the rest of the class), Mr Scott ordered us all take our shorts off. I remember feeling not embarrassed (we were used to being seen nude) but scared as I stood in line. We had no vests so all us boys were now naked from head to foot. Naked, so he could slipper our bare bottoms.

I had got two on the bare before and it was really painful – but now I was going to get three whacks. Like a few others, my eyes started to water at the thought of that slipper smacking my bottom three times.

Barry went first. He was a tough lad who had been slippered a few times on his bare bottom and never cried. This time he gasped and yelped when he was hit the second and third time. When he got up he was really crying. It made me scared about if I could take it.

I watched as boy after boy bent over and all gasped and yelped and got up crying after being slippered. After each boy had been slippered I wished I was next. Not because I wanted to be slippered, but because I knew I was going to get it, and did not want to see others. Each time a boy was slippered it made me more scared about having it. Mr Scott was really whacking bottoms hard and even the tough boys were feeling it.

Finally, it was my turn. I reached over the box and, while very scared, obediently stuck my bottom out to be slippered. I heard a loud crack as the slipper hit my bottom and the most dreadful sting. I cried but managed to keep bending over and take the other two.

My bottom felt on fire where it had been slippered. Unless you have actually had a leather slipper smacked hard on your bare bottom, it’s hard to appreciate just how much it hurts. You have to experience it to know just how traumatic it is watching a boy have his bare bottom slippered knowing that you will shortly be getting the same.

The next day. I saw all the boys in the showers. As always the redness from the slipper had gone by the next day. However, on most of the boys bottoms I could see the outline of the slipper marking them. And yes, I had marks on my bottom too.

Contributor: Graham

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