A Utah childhood

I grew up in Utah during the 1980s and boy, did I get spanked! Not just a quick smack on the butt once or twice, not just a slap on the hand, but real bare bottom spankings. These continued until I reached 18 and went to college.

The first spanking I remember was when I was four, and Daddy gave me ten good swats on my bare butt with his hand for stealing cookies. I howled and rubbed my butt and jumped around, but I didn’t steal cookies again… or, at least, I didn’t get caught!

We got three types of spankings at home. One swat on the seat of our jeans to shut us up and stop us in our tracks was super common, daily even. It barely even registered with us, it was just to turn us around and make us behave. It sucked if we got a swat when we were having a bath or getting dressed, because it stung on the bare heiney, but only felt like a dull impact over jeans.

Then there was the bare butt hand spanking. That was most common until we were about in our teens. Mommy and Daddy both gave them over their lap in whatever place we got in trouble in. I got one in the mall once when I was seven and I was shocked into good behaviour real fast! It was pretty hard and fast with no scolding or yelling, just hand to butt until they decided we (or at least our bottoms) were done. It hurt a lot but our behinds would only be red for a couple of hours before they faded back to normal. I probably got a good spanking once a month until I was 13 or 14.

The worst was the paddle. Daddy made it in Grandpa’s workshop from a plank of hickory. It was about 17in long, 3in wide and about a half inch thick. We got it over our jeans, but it was solid and hard and left a sore bruised butt for a couple of days. I got maybe six paddlings between 12 and 18, around one a year, and it sucked. It was always Daddy that gave us the paddle, and he didn’t hold back. 

We got the paddle at school too. This was smaller than the one at home but thicker, and they left a bruised butt too, but they stopped at three swats and it was exclusively applied over pants. A paddling at school was a tiny beast compared to the behemoth of Daddy’s paddle.

My worst spanking was for playing with matches with my friend Joe when I was nine. Mommy put me over her knee right in the yard and beat my bare butt. I cried so hard it made a patch of mud in the dirt on the ground below. I deserved it, too!

My worst paddling was when I was 18 and participated in senior skip day. Daddy had warned me he’d paddle my rear end off if I took part, but I skipped anyway – and he kept his promise too! I spent my last days of senior year sitting on a super-sore bottom.

Much later I went on to spank my own kids. I gave them a real good butt-warming, but only with my hand and over their underpants. I also didn’t spank them anything like as frequently as I had been myself as a child.

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