A gesture of discipline

The most trouble any of our daughters got into at school was when our youngest, Andrea, was suspended for three days. Andi was by no means habitually the naughtiest of our three – that was probably our middle girl, Lizzy, who could be impulsive, headstrong and sometimes spoke without thinking. Needless to say, that led to a regular red bottom.

Unfortunately Andi could sometimes be easily led, which is what happened on this occasion. It was when she was 13, and her class had headed up to London on a coach trip to the Natural History Museum. On the way back there was an accident on the main road and the coach was held up in a traffic jam. Andi and three of her friends were at the back of the coach. A combination of high spirits and boredom meant they began pulling faces at a couple in the car stuck behind the coach.

The sour expressions from the grown-ups only led the girls to egg each other on to do more. Eventually, they made all sorts of obscene gestures: V-signs, middle fingers…and worse.

Of course, some adults would have viewed this as just youthful high jinks and laughed it off. Unfortunately for Andi and her friends, one half of the couple was a lady magistrate. In England, magistrates are lower court judges and often see themselves as the guardians of decency in their communities.

So this couple noted down the details of the coach company and from there got the details of the school. The lady raised a real stink, phoning not only the headmistress but also the chair of the board of governors. The headmistress assured her it would be dealt with as a matter of priority and did not take long to track down the culprits.

This was not an occasion where we had to wait for Andi to tell us that she had got into trouble. Instead, the headmistress rang me, explained the whole story and told us that Andi would be kept in detention until we could come and pick her up.

Hubby had taken the train to work, so I had the carm but I decided to wait until he was home so we had a united front.So it was after 6pm before we finally got to the school. As we arrived, we saw the parents of one of Andi’s friends walking in too.

The headmistress decided she wanted to speak to each family separately. We sat in her office while she went to get Andi from the detention room. Our daughter was sheepish and shamefaced, realising that she was in deep trouble.

After a scolding from us all, the headmistress announced that she was going to apply the maximum penalty short of expulsion – six strokes of the cane, followed by a three day suspension. Andi’s head dropped as we expressed our approval of the punishment.

Andi’s school used both the cane and the strap. Normally these would be applied to upturned palms but in exceptional circumstances – and with parental permission – it could be applied to the child’s bottom.

My husband also told the headmistress that she could cane Andi on the bare buttocks. She replied that under school rules, she could only apply it across the seat of a child’s underpants. However, she assured us she would ‘lay it on well’.

So it was that Andi was bent over the headmistress’ desk, and the hem of her school skirt was lifted and tucked firmly into its waistband. Even though her knickers remained up, the act of bending over meant that quite a lot of bottom flesh was exposed for the cane.

The headmistress placed the instrument of correction across Andi’s bottom, drew it back and swung firmly. There was a swish, followed by a slightly muffled crack and an anguished exhalation from our daughter. My husband nodded at me approvingly.

The headmistress delivered the second stroke a little lower, leading to a shriek from Andi who also lifted herself right onto her tiptoes. Once she was back in position the headmistress swung again, this stroke noticeably harder, biting deep into Andi’s buttocks, which initiated sustained crying from our daughter.

The headmistress looked across at me as if to ask whether I was OK with the harder stroke. I nodded a firm ‘yes’.

For the next three the headmistress aimed for the lower curves of Andi’s bottom, and as those strokes were given we could see very obvious marks forming on the exposed flesh.

Finally, it was over. As Andi composed herself, we signed the paperwork confirming the suspension. It was a Tuesday, so she would not return to school until the following Monday. Her form teacher had provided written instructions on what work should be completed while she was at home. Andi walked very gingerly back to the car and obviously found the journey home very uncomfortable.

Once we got in, she was sent to her room as we discussed how she should be punished at home. Later, I went up to Andi with a sandwich and explained what had been decided.

The first piece of news was good for her, and she visibly relaxed as I announced that she would not be getting a further spanking that evening. However, that was the end of her good news. We had decided that on each of the three days she was at home with me, I would put her over my knee for a bare bottom spanking. Then on Saturday, she would be caned by her father – also on the bare.

In my last story how we had started using the cane at home, I mentioned it was a deterrent for our eldest Katherine who rarely earned the cane but it was used rather more frequently on our middle daughter Lizzy. Up until this point, Andi had only been caned a few times at home.

On day one of the suspension I told Andi to wait in her bedroom, saying I would be up to deal with her once Lizzy had left for school and Daddy and Katherine had left for work.

I had the ruler with me as I entered her room. I quickly got Andi out of her nightie, meaning she was wearing just a vest. As I got her over my knee, I could see the headmistress’s cane marks were still quite visible, particularly the lower three. For that reason, I decided I would concentrate on my daughter’s thighs for this punishment.

I took my time, methodically smacking with my hand from sit spot to just above her knees. Once each thigh was a deep pink, I picked up the ruler and repeated the treatment until pink turned to red. That set the pattern for the rest of an uncomfortable week for my daughter, but we never had to deal with such bad behaviour from her again.

Contributor: Nicola

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