Caned with my girlfriend

I have previously briefly mentioned my second caning from Mrs Grant but not given any detail – so I guess it’s time to remedy that. This happened approximately one month before I left school, at the age of 16. A girl called Sue and I got friendly during this period, after our exams.

Back in the day, the school did not allow holidays to start early for those not staying on. The pupils planning to remain began studying their A Level subjects but the rest of us were generally taught meaningless lessons by a teacher who knew we would be leaving soon. There was no setting or marking of homework, for which I think we were all grateful, teachers included.

One day, Sue and I sneaked off after the afternoon registration to go to her house, as her parents were out at work. We thought we had worked it out well by exiting by a back door and through a gap in the fence.

We were happily walking along the main road when unfortunately for us, Mrs Grant happened to appear in her car, on her way to school. She stopped, and we gave her a story about going to the dentist. Unsurprisingly she was unconvinced and demanded to see our passes – these were issued to pupils who had to leave school for appointments and were recorded by the secretaries.

Needless to say, we had to admit that we did not have them, saying we didn’t think we needed them as we had no formal lessons. Mrs Grant ordered us into her Ford Anglia and drove us back to school, sating she would ring the dentist when we got there and drive us to our appointments herself if they were confirmed.

Once we got to school, Mrs Grant took us to her office, and asked for the name of the dentist. Well, we had no choice but to finally come clean. Naturally, Mrs Grant was furious. She gave us a lecture about being out of school without passes, pointing out the potential danger if the school had had to be evacuated. We hadn’t really thought about this point to be honest. Finally, she started on about us lying to her.

Eventually she calmed down and said that she would have let us off with a detention for the first issue but lying to her was far more serious. I recall glancing at Sue and she looked nervous. Mrs Grant then pronounced our sentence. We were both to be given six strokes of the cane. Sue pleaded with her, but it was to no avail.

We watched as Mrs Grant walked to the corner of the room and selected a cane. She moved a chair into the middle of the room. I was sent to one corner and Sue was instructed to bend over the back of the chair back. I was mesmerised as my girlfriend’s skirt tightened over her bottom as she grasped the chair seat. Mrs Grant walked towards her, and for all my fear, I thought she looked stunning. She was in her 40s, short brown hair, wearing a dark grey jacket and matching tight skirt, black high heeled shoes and flexing the cane. As Mrs Grant came to stand behind Sue, I could feel my trousers bulging despite everything.

Mrs Grant lined up the cane against Sue’s bum before delivering six hard strokes, causing my girlfriend to cry loudly. Finally, she was told to stand in the corner next to me. 

I was summoned forward and obediently bent over the chair. Mrs Grant stood alongside me and lined her cane up on my bum. The first stroke was unbelievably painful. The next three strokes were lower but equally hard. The last two were delivered where my thighs met my bum, my sit spot. These were very close to each other and I struggled to hold back the tears. To my relief, Mrs Grant walked away.

Sue and I were lined up in front of Mrs Grant as she made the entries in the punishment book. She told us that we could miss the rest of the afternoon and issued us with passes to take to the secretary. It was somewhat ironic that we now got passes after being caned for not having them! We left and made our way to the toilets to freshen up before proceeding to the office.

The secretary looked at us as she recorded the passes and then stamped them. I think it was fairly obvious we had both been caned and she had a smug grin as she handed them back to us.

We both left the school again but Sue decided that she was going to her house alone. I walked to my house and let myself in. No-one was home so I headed to my bedroom.

I undressed and checked my bum in a mirror. My fingers gently felt my raised welts and my willy stiffened. I was soon on the bed masturbating madly. I had just finished when Mum came in. She had realised I was home and came upstairs to ask why. She caught me before I was dressed and was horrified. She ordered me to ‘clean up that mess’ and then come to the kitchen. I knew what that meant – so did not bother dressing.

I was soon in the kitchen and Mum was sat on a chair with an apron on her lap. She had a wooden spoon in her hand. I bent over her knees and she made a comment about my stripes – I told her what had happened. She replied: “It’s high time you got a good spanking, young man – perhaps I should have done it more often when you were younger!” To be fair, Mum did not spank me that much compared to Aunt Pat and Carol.

I tensed as the spoon touched my bottom. I am not sure how many whacks I got but I was certainly a broken young man as tears rolled down my face. Eventually, Mum stopped and told me to go to my room. I went to my room and was face down on the bed until dinner time. When I came down, I found that Mum had placed a cushion on my chair – but Dad made no comment.

The next day I met Sue before school. She had also been spanked by her Mum who had guessed she had been caned. Sue suggested that we should keep our distance until school broke up. Her mum was furious that she had got her first caning just one month before she left school and seemed to blame me for being a bad influence. 

In fact, Sue and I never got back together. I went to Aunt Pat’s house for the summer holiday as usual, while Sue started a job in an office.

Contributor: Peter

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