A change of pace

I have been inspired by other contributors to put fingers to keyboard. Here is my spanking journey so far – names have bee… more

Shaped by the cane

I attended an international school on the continent of Africa in the 1990s and 2000s – I can’t give any more specif… more

The awakening

The first teacher I had a crush on was Mrs Patterson, who took me in third grade. I wasn’t the only one who thought he… more

Freedom – to spank

My girls went to a private school in Utah during the 1990s. The school catered for children from kindergarten through to … more

Caned by Miss Archer

When I left school, I started work in a small office. The staff consisted of the owner and four other ladies. I have change… more

An early starter

I discovered the joys of spanking at the grand old age of four and a half. My grandparents lived a short walk from our home, … more

The house mother

Growing up shortly after the Second World War, corporal punishment was commonplace both in the home and in school. My fa… more

Brought up short

When I was in eighth grade, it was a popular thing for girls to try and get away with stretching the dress code a little. Ski… more

The second spanking

I was mostly a pretty good boy in school – but I was a normal kid and, as such, I did get into trouble from time to time. Somet… more

A blast from the past

Some time ago, my wife and I spent the day with my wife’s sister and her two boys. After a good day out, the boys were t… more

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