Bringing back the memories

I enjoy reading your site – it brings back many memories. Like many of your contributors, I did get spanked as a boy but probably not as hard as many of my contemporaries.

My mom usually just gave me five or six spanks over my underwear. I would cry, of course, and it sucked but the punishment was actually pretty mild and really not too bad.

If my dad spanked me, I got more spanks and it would hurt more but my butt would stop being pink pretty fast and I was never left bruised or anything. To be honest, just hearing my dad yell ‘Dennis! Get your ass here and get those jeans down!’ was enough to pull me up straight but I would always obey and take my punishment.

Getting the paddle at school was worse, even though it was given over jeans. All the teachers used it and they would spank children in front of the entire class, which was really embarrassing, especially for girls.

I got paddled around about once a month and my butt would be sore and bruised for a couple of days afterwards from the two to six swats of wood put across it.

The first spanking I ever gave was when I was babysitting my cousin Angela – she was six at the time and I was 14. Angela wouldn’t go to bed, so in the end I gave her a couple of good spanks across the seat of her panties. That did the trick, all right – she went straight to bed.

To my dismay, Angela told her mom about her spanking. I feared I would be in trouble too, because I hadn’t been given permission to spank, but my aunt told me I had done the right thing.

I ended up giving Angela a few more sore bottoms over the years. The last was when she was 11, when I caught her smoking. I think Angela thought I wouldn’t go as hard on her as her mom – but she was wrong.

I gave her a much harder spanking than usual and she cried profusely. I told her mom what had happened – and that earned Angela some time over her mother’s knee as well. I was not popular with her that day!

I spanked my own kids a couple of times growing up but mostly only when they got paddled at school. My wife handled most of the discipline and ‘wait until your father gets home’ was only when they got in really serious trouble at school. My son did get a good bare bottom tanning from me one time for stabbing another boy in the leg with a pencil at elementary school.

Contributor: Dennis

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