An unexpected connection

My most interesting spanking story is so absurd as to sound unbelievable: trust me when I say it is true! I have the permission of the relevant party to tell this story, and to give our real first names for publication.

I was spanked often growing up during the 1990s, usually on my knickers in my bedroom but occasionally on my bare bottom. It was always my dad who did it, until he left when I was eight years old. Dad was very stern when this happened, and I would often cry before he’d laid a finger on me. His spankings were firm but fair, and I didn’t resent them. Afterwards I’d rub my bum and feel a funny tingling in my ‘front bottom’.

Mum spanked me after Dad left, but she was much gentler and those punishments didn’t hurt all that much. The hardest spanking I remember Dad giving me was on my seventh birthday, for getting up early and unwrapping all my presents before anyone else got up. He turned me over his lap in the lounge, pulled my pyjamas down and spanked my bare bottom long and hard. I remember the burn in my bottom all day, whenever I sat down, and the itchy throb later in the day as it healed.

In late 2021, I decided to attend a local BDSM munch. While there, I got chatting with a lady named Tegan. Tegan is nearly a decade younger than me but confided in me that when she was little, her father would smack her bottom now and then, and that ever since she had been obsessed with spanking.

We laughed over how similarly our fathers approached discipline, and we soon became play partners. I gave Tegan some very firm spankings, turning her bottom red with my hand. We’re both heterosexual and so there’s nothing sexual about our play – it’s just pure spanking and platonic friendship.

For my birthday in 2022, my mum got me a DNA testing kit. As I mentioned, my dad vanished when I was eight and I think she was hoping the test might help me to find him. I did the test, not expecting much, and had fairly bland genetic results. The bit that startled me was in the relatives section – a half sister! I clicked through to the profile and felt like I was about to faint when I saw her face – Tegan was looking back at me.

It took a lot of talking to try and unravel what happened, but it seems my dad left because he had been having an affair with Tegan’s mother, and he stayed with them until Tegan was about 11 – before performing the same disappearing act. Finding out we were sisters was a shock, as was realising that my dad had only ever been a few miles away all that time. 

Being sisters also made us question the age old ‘nature or nurture’ debate! We were both spanked in the same way growing up – but did those spankings give us the interest, or did Dad spank us because he enjoyed it? We may never know, but we find it very interesting to contemplate. 

Tegan and I both have our own children, none of whom we have ever spanked. It will be interesting if any of them grow up to be ‘into’ it, and will answer the debate.

Tegan and I still play now, though out relationship has taken on a slightly more ‘disciplinary’ note since we found out that I’m her big sister! The spankings are more real: the sort of spankings I might have given her if we’d grown up together and she’d been naughty while I babysat her.

We’re aware that our story sounds ridiculous and fanciful. We can’t do anything to prove it to you. Publish it or not, but we hope you enjoy it!

Contributor: Grace

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