A double helping

Reading your recent story about the school secretary gave me a flashback to when I and my brother were paddled in the school office – with my mother handing out half of the discipline. 

We both went to the same high school and were caught off-campus at a local hamburger place for lunch. I was 17 and my brother was 15 at the time.  The police officer who caught us took us back to the school and we were marched to the administration office where we were met by the principal, Miss Baker.  She was visibly upset and made us sit there while she called my parents. After a while, she came out and told us that my mother was en route to the school to address the problem. 

We knew we were in trouble but never realised how much trouble or pain we were in for.  It took my mother about a half hour to get to the school and she only briefly glanced at us sitting there as she went into the principal’s office.  After about 10 minutes, the principal came out and told us and the school secretary to come into her office – a clear sign that we were to be paddled. 

Once there, the principal gave us a long lecture and told us that this would be a day we would regret for as long as we lived.  She told us to remove everything from our back pockets and place everything on her side desk.  She moved a small table out from the wall and told my brother to bend over, spread his legs and hold on tight, as he was going to get a full six swats of the paddle.   

My brother shuffled over and bent over the table and waited for his swats. The principal picked a wooden paddle that was hanging on her wall – it was about 2ft long, perhaps 3in wide and had a large handle on it for a good grip.  

As my mother and the school secretary watched, Miss Baker tapped the paddle against the seat of my brother’s blue jeans, and with a large very hard swing she smacked his ass. My brother just groaned and wiggled a bit as he tightened his grip on the desk. 

After about 30 seconds, the principal again tapped his bottom and gave him another very hard swat, this time lower on his butt. This caused my brother to let out a loud ‘ouch’ as he wiggled in place – and I noticed that the women present were all smiling at this point. 

The third swat was even harder than the first two and my brother let out a loud howl and started to sob a bit as he danced from foot to foot and wiggled his bottom in a feeble attempt to reduce his discomfort. 

The fourth swat was the deal breaker and he shouted out ‘that hurts’ – which caused all the ladies to giggle – and he started to really cry at this point. The fifth swat made him start bawling like a baby and his body trembled as he squirmed over the table. 

For the last swat, Miss Baker pulled my brother’s jeans tightly over his backside and told him to brace himself. She brought the paddle down on his lower butt and upper thighs and he let out a loud howl, twisting and turning over the table as tears and snot rolled down his face. Miss Baker grabbed him by the ear, pulled him upright and made him stand next to her desk. She warned him not to rub his backside, unless he wanted her to repeat the punishment.   

Miss Baker now motioned me to get into position. I bent over the little table and grabbed the edge of it tightly with my hands. She took the paddle and tapped my legs, telling me to spread them farther apart, which made me support myself on the top of the table. I felt her tap the paddle on my butt and I waited for her to start. 

The first smack hit my bottom and pushed me forward. At first I felt no pain – but that quickly changed as a sharp burning agony spread through my bottom and I heard myself gasp loudly as my head tossed back. The ladies in the room sniggered at my response and I wiggled my butt, desperately trying to lessen the burn. 

It seemed like an eternity before Miss Baker rubbed the paddle on my butt again and then it hit much lower this time. There was an immediate, incredible burst of pain that erupted through my butt this time. I let out a loud cry and bounced up and down as tears began to fill my eyes. 

Miss Baker tapped my legs again, ordering me to spread them further, then smacked my butt without further warning for the third time. I let out a loud howl and I heard myself pleading: “Please, please, please!” This drew some laughter from the ladies and Miss Baker said: “Did I hear please spank you harder? I would be glad to do that for you!” 

With that statement, she immediately smacked my butt, only much harder, for the fourth time. I began to cry loudly now and my whole body trembled as the fiery sting spread throughout my backside. I also heard my mother remark ‘poor baby!’, which caused more sniggers from the group. 

Tears and snot dripped from my face as my whole body shivered in distress. The next swat landed more on my thighs than butt – I just let out a groan and started to bawl like a little baby. 

Though my sobbing, I heard Miss Baker tell me to brace myself for the last one, as I felt the paddle tap my incredibly sore butt. The last swat was the worst so far. I kicked my legs and twisted in pain before Miss Baker pulled me to my feet and made me stand next to my brother, who had witnessed my punishment.   

She hung the paddle on the wall and told my mother: “They’re all yours now!” She and the secretary smirked at our predicament. 

My mother looked at us. “You two boys are going to pay dearly for making me come to school to deal with you.” At that, she began to unfasten the belt on my brother’s pants and unzip his fly. 

My brother let out a plaintive cry of ‘no, please!’ as Mother pulled down his pants to his ankles. He let out an agonising wail as his briefs followed them, leaving him standing there half naked with a stiff erection, which again caused much hilarity in the ladies present.

My mother pulled my own pants down next. Fortunately, the recent terrible pain in my bottom meant at least that my penis was all shrivelled up. However, I was still crying like a baby and I’m sure my face probably turned as red as my bottom.   

Mother grabbed my brother by the ear and pulled him over to the table, pushing him back down back into position. She told him he was now going to experience the effects of a real paddling.  

My mother then asked Miss Baker to hand her the paddle, but as Miss Baker took the paddle she used on us off the wall my mother responded: “No the other one.”  Miss Baker asked my mother if she was sure and getting an affirmative nod reached and took the second paddle off the wall.  This one was about the same size as the other, but had a number of holes drilled in the ‘business end’. 

My mother tapped my brothers’ legs to make him spread them as far as he could, revealing not only his red bottom but also his hard-on. She swung the paddle and a loud smack filled the room as my brother let out a scream and began to jump up and down, grabbing his butt with both hands as tears and snot rolled down his face and his erection bobbed around in front of him.

The secretary and Miss Baker began laughing out loud at his reaction while my mother just got madder. She waved the paddle at my brother and told him that she was going to start again, and would start again every time he moved out of position. 

By now, my brother was crying up a storm as he bent over the table again. The secretary said she would ‘help’ him a bit. She took both of his hands and grasped them at the wris, holding them tightly in the small of my brother’s back as she bent over him, an evil grin on her face.   

My mother wasted no time in smacking him again, which caused him to let out a howl in pain and his legs kicked up. But the secretary held him firmly against the table. As he began begging that he would never do it again, between his legs you see his erection shrinking as the pain overpowered any other feelings he had. 

By contrast, as I stood there myself, half naked with my hands on my head, I felt my penis watching my bother get his second spanking.  Miss Baker looked over at my growing erection but only smiled at my distress. 

My mother gave my brother two more hard swats, which caused him to howl and kick, and his protests became unintelligible. The next two swats landed on his upper thighs which really caused a loud reaction from him and piteous crying. The secretary and Miss Baker seemed to really enjoy his predicament and my mother readied herself for her final swat. 

She tapped my brother’s legs to spread them further and took hold of the paddle with both hands.  She smacked his butt right in the center and all he could do was let out a loud gasp, followed by frantic trembling through his whole body.  The secretary let loose his arms and helped him stand up.  My brother’s bottom was deep red, almost purple, and his face was contorted in pain as he danced from foot to foot. He was instructed to place his hands on his head and observe my own paddling. 

By now, a combination of fear and arousal meant I had a very stiff erection and my dick was pointing straight at the ceiling. As I moved into position, I heard the ladies’ amusement at my predicament. The secretary pinned my arms in the small of my back, just as she had done for my brother. As I looked down, I could see her slender legs and mini-skirt and felt her soft breasts brushing against my head as she held me in place.   

I felt my mother tap the paddle against my butt and then felt the searing pain of it hitting my bare skin. My whole body trembled and shook as I cried out. I clenched and unclenched my butt, trying to reduce the pain, but to no avail.   

The second swat landed a bit lower and my whole body trembled. Then the unexpected and ultimate humiliation happened. I felt my penis throbbing and twitching and I ejaculated against the table. My mother was aghast but Miss Baker only laughed. “He must have really felt that one!” she said.

The next two swats came nearly together and hurt the worst of all. I was aware that my erection was quickly fading and I bawled like a baby as I was firmly held in place. The next swat landed on my upper thighs and caused me to cry out, begging that I had ‘had enough’ – but that just drew further laughter from the women presnet. 

The final swat landed on the middle of my butt and I thought I was going to die. I just could not react any more and just lay there over the table crying, even though the secretary had released me from her grip. 

Eventually, my mother pulled me up and stood me next to my brother. His own pain subsiding a but and having seen his brother soundly spanked, he was once again erect. Mother ordered us to get dressed, and it was painful in more than one sense to pull our pants back up over our hot, throbbing bottoms.

My mother took us home immediately. Both us boys sat at an almost sideways angle in the car – it was just too painful to sit normally. 

Our punishment did not end once we got home. We both got a hot, soapy enema. Not only did this pile on further humiliation, but having to sit on the toilet with a bruised backside was a worse punishment than either of us could have imagined. 

Contributor: David

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