An intimate moment

I grew up in the 1950s in midwest America and, as you might imagine, the spanking of naughty children was commonplace.

From an early age, whenever I saw a spanking portrayed or mentioned on television, it aroused hidden feelings in me. I remember our grade school teacher spanked all of us on our birthdays at age six or seven, ostensibly to teach us how to count.

These spankings were given with her hand, the child over her knee, and of course in front of the entire class. It was somehow warm and tender, and I found myself wishing for something like that to happen outside of school.

Well, one day I got my wish. We had a single lady, named Alice, living next door to us. She must have been in her 30s, which was unusual for unmarried women in those days. Nevertheless, she was feminine and pretty attractive – and at the age of nine, I recklessly decided to tempt fate.

I decided to steal some panties from Alice’s clothes line in the hope that she would catch me – which, one fine summer’s day, is exactly what happened. 

My parents were not at home that afternoon, and so Alice pulled me into her kitchen to confront me about my misdeed. She asked me if I was spanked at home, and when I told her I wasn’t, she said: “That is a serious shortcoming, young man. I daresay if your folks tanned your bottom when you deserved it, I wouldn’t have to be having this conversation with you now. However, it’s not too late to put things right.”

With those words, Alice pulled out a kitchen table chair and sat down on it. She was wearing a summer dress, and she pulled up the hem to reveal the most glorious view of her bare thighs.

While I was taking that in, she began to scold me for being a naughty little boy. “Naughty boys need to be spanked on their bare bottoms,” she said, and with that she deliberately pulled down my shorts to my ankles and took me across her knee.

She spanked me across the seat of my underwear for a half minute or so, then lowered my underpants and began to smack my bare bottom. She only used her hand, but it stung and my bottom steadily turned pink as she chastised me.

It was a truly intimate moment, and I had the most incredible feeling of being held, and cared for, and taught an important lesson about right and wrong.

It was an absolutely profound experience for a young boy, and it has influenced my entire adult life. Wanting to be spanked over the knees of a woman became an abiding, lifelong fantasy.

Contributor: Jim

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