From all sides

I thought you might like to hear about the origins of my own particular spanking fetish, which has been fuelled by experiences on all sides of the equation.

It began, I suppose as it did with so many children, at home. Growing up, when I was naughty I would be spanked with Dad’s slipper. This was always given underwear down.

I seemed to be always in trouble as a boy, and when I got in hot water Dad would take me to his office (where the slipper was kept) and take down my trousers and pants. Then he would put me over his knee and give me a really sore bum. I was just three years old the first time I got the slipper and my last was at 13.

My two sisters also received corporal punishment, but in their case Mam was their spanker. She used a wooden spoon on the girls’ bare bottoms – at least, she did until one day it broke across the maturing and sturdier bottom of my older sister Betty. That didn’t mean the end of spankings for my sisters, however – Mam switched to using her hairbrush on them.

Back then, CP was still a common experience in school as well. My favourite teacher, Mrs Sams, used a ruler across the back of our bare thighs (the boys wore shorts and the girls skirts, of course). I was very interested in this process, especially when a girl was the recipient, and when they later perhaps indulged in handstands in the playground, as little girls do, I would observe closely and hope to see the stripes on their thighs.

My interest in corporal punishment only grew as I reached puberty. My first girlfriend, who I started going out with when I was 14, had very strict parents who sent her to an all-girls school across town. That school had the cane, and it was used on both the girls’ thighs as well as the more usual hand beatings.

When my girlfriend had been caned, I found it very arousing to talk to her about the punishment and she would let me touch the raised marks on her hands and upper thighs. I got very hard inside my pants whenever I did so.

On another occasion, her mother whipped her with a piece of wire insulation before we were due to go to a disco. I remember she spent most of the disco in the bogs, with her girlfriends fussing over her. But eventually she came out and she let me feel her bum down the back of her jeans and pants. I remember feeling the raised welts on her buttocks and almost coming in my own pants – it was so gorgeous.

Finally, I also have some limited experience of being on the other end of a spanking. My girlfriend at the time was babysitting a little boy of about five, and I came over one night to spend time with them.

The boy was being very loud and naughty, so in the end I yanked down his shorts and pants, bent him over the seat of a kitchen chair and have him 10 smart smacks. He was then sent off to bed in tears, then my girlfriend and I romped on the sofa.

Contributor: Thomas

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