Brought up right

Growing up in Missouri, I got spanked pretty much every day – but then, so did all the other children around me.

Mostly, the spanking would be of the most informal kind – I often got a swat on the seat of my jeans for sassing a grown-up or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

However, things could get more formal and serious if I was judged to have deserved it. I would get a proper bare bottom spanking around once a fortnight. Mom would pull my jeans and panties down to my knees, put me over her knee and spank my bottom with a spoon until my buttocks were really red and sore.

There were other grown-ups who spanked me, too. Dad whipped us with his belt now and again – also on the bare bottom – but that wasn’t a common punishment.

I remember once when I misbehaved at her house, my Aunt Joyce made me cut a peach switch right there in her yard – she then made me bare my bottom and she switched my own little girl’s peach! She whipped me until the switch broke into several pieces, but by then I was howling and my bottom was a mess of thin red lines.

Corporal punishment was common in schools too I grew up. I got paddled three times – once in fourth grade and twice as a freshman. When Mom found out about my misbehaviour, she followed up by spanking my bare butt herself. To put the lid on a thoroughly miserable day, when Dad got home he whooped me with the belt too. Boy, I was so sore – but I sure learned my lesson.

My grandma was generally more indulgent with us children – she did like to pat our bottoms and give them a little pinch now and again – that was fine, unless we’d just been spanked!

However, Grandma wasn’t above giving us proper chastisement. One time, when I was 12, my sister (two years younger) and I stayed with Grandma for a couple of weeks after Mom had surgery and Dad was looking after her.

One day, us girls thought it would be fun to jump around on our bed, and we ended up breaking it. Well, Grandma was mad as a box of snakes! She bared both our bottoms, took off her sandal, and both us girls were put over her knee for a very sound spanking indeed with it. We were put in time out immediately afterwards – being subject to such a sanction at what I considered a ‘grown-up’ age was highly embarrassing – but not nearly as embarrassing at the thought that Grandma had seen (and spanked) my bare bottom for the first time since I was a baby.

She left us both in the corner, spanked bottoms on show and hands on heads. I vividly remember the throbbing in my bottom left by the sandal, and the sight of my sister’s small scarlet bottom out of the corner of my eye. The colouring in my own buttocks didn’t fully disappear for a couple of days.

Looking back, there wasn’t a spanking I got that I didn’t deserve, and we were brought up right, unlike many of the little monsters I see out in public with their parents these days.

Contributor: Cassie

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