Double trouble over workbook

I previously wrote about how I almost got spanked in kindergarten for something I didn’t do. I was a really well-behaved child and didn’t have another run in with official punishments until a few years later.

In third grade, I was assigned to Mrs Parker’s class. Now, every teacher in my Catholic school was allowed to use corporal punishment but Mrs Parker was deemed to be the worst. She actually had a paddle hanging from a hook in the corner near the door. To my eyes, the paddle looked huge – but it was probably just a ping pong paddle with the rubber removed from it, light and broad.

The lay teachers were always the worst with punishment, administering spankings much more freely than the nuns would. Sure enough, that fall Mrs Parker had no problem taking the paddle off the hook and putting misbehaving boys and girls over her knee. She would spank the students in front of the class, which was so embarrassing and usually left the victim in tears.

For some reason, I had the idea that the other kids had it easier than me since I had never been spanked at school and had never really had a ‘good’ spanking at home either. My mom would very occasionally smack my seat for misbehaviour, but even this was happening less and less, and I was by now almost 10 years old.

For some reason, I had this idea that if you were spanked regularly, getting paddled by Mrs Parker wouldn’t be so bad, but for me it would be terrible because I never received corporal punishment. That’s circular reasoning, but it’s what I thought as a child.

Of course, the day inevitably came when I made a big mistake. I had left my workbook at home, and when Mrs Parker called for all the books to be passed to the front of the class, mine was missing. “Patricia,” she called out, after looking through the stack, “where is your workbook?”

Now, here is where I made my big mistake. For some reason, I thought I would get in trouble for not having my homework, so I decided to lie about it. “I think I left my workbook in art class, Mrs Parker.”

Art was a class that we passed into during the morning session, and I had most definitely not left my workbook there. As far as I can remember, my plan was to bring the workbook tomorrow and pretend that I have had recovered it from the art class.

Mrs Parker looked straight at me. I’m sure she knew I was lying – after all, she had vast experience of young children lying to her! “So, if you and I walk together down to the art room, we will find your workbook?” she said, fixing me in the eye.

I was caught. I remember getting a huge lump in my throat and being unable to talk.

“Children,” Mrs Parker said, raising her voice to address the class as she always did in these instances, “failing to do your homework and then lying about it is an offence that deserves a good spanking with the paddle. Get out of your seat, Patricia, and come up here to the front of the class.”

I still remember going up to her desk, looking down, eyes already filling with tears. Mrs Parker brought her chair around to the front of her desk and sat down, paddle in her hand. “Over my knee, Patricia,” she said.

I couldn’t believe I was about to get my first ever real spanking – and in front of all my friends! Mrs Parker was a large lady and she placed me over her lap. “You deserve a good spanking, Patricia,” she said – then proceeded to give me one!

I can’t remember exactly how many spanks I got, but that paddle burned my bottom so much and tears flowed silently down my face.

Afterwards, I sat back down in my seat and tried to retain my composure. Finally we were allowed to go home, and my friends comforted me. After all, many of them had been spanked before in school too.

It never occurred to me that the school would call home to let them know what had happened. When my stepmother asked me if I had been punished in school, I admitted that Mrs Parker had spanked me in front of the class.

My stepmother looked at me and said: “Don’t you remember that I told you if you acted up in school you would get a spanking at home?” My stomach dropped – she had actually threatened me with a pants-down spanking for such a scenario, albeit that was years ago. “Go to your room, young miss!”

I went to my bedroom and waited. I had never had any kind of real spanking before and now, at nine years old, I was facing a lengthy, bare bottomed punishment.

My stepmother entered the room and told me that she had promised a spanking if I got in trouble at school, and that she needed to keep her word to me. She sat on a stool and said: “Come here, young lady.”

I did wonder for a minute if my clothes would stay intact, but that question was answered quickly as she reached under my uniform dress and yanked my panties down to my ankles. I went over her knee, bare bottom in the air, eyes closed tightly.

My stepmother spanked me soundly, and I cried and cried. Afterwards, she let me be for a little while. When I felt a little better, she hugged me and said: “I hope that’s the last spanking I ever have to give you, Patricia.”

And it was – but it was not the very last punishment I would ever get…

Contributor: Patricia

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