Bring back the birch!

Your recent excerpts from Victorian novels, and discussion of birching in the Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine, reminds me of an early recollection I have of juvenile judicial CP being discussed.

I was about four, and a pupil at a church Sunday school. Apparently, some of the church’s windows had been vandalised and I remember two mature and matronly teachers angrily talking about the outrage.

The most agitated of the two said: “They should flay them with green birch and then rub salt into their backsides.” The second teacher nodded in brisk agreement, adding: “Don’t just bring back the birch – use it!”

This was about 1960 and being so young I didn’t fully understand half of what the ladies said, but this conversation is one of my earliest erotic memories, growing up as I did with a keen interest in spankings and thrashings of all kinds!

Contributor: Robert

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