Trouble at the shops

In our house, my husband is the disciplinarian. He is both loving and strict – very reasonable but expects rules to be followed. He always follows through with a punishment if he promises it and he never goes easy!

As I have mentioned before, we practice domestic discipline in our relationship and he also spanks our children when necessary. He didn’t start using physical discipline with the girls until they turned 10 years old but once they were old enough to know better, if they misbehaved they were given a very sound spanking on their bare bottom.

I think the girls always saw me as the ‘soft’ one and if I ever needed to discipline them, then it would probably be no more than a few slaps on the back of their legs than a proper spanking. If they continued to misbehave, then the threat of telling their father was usually enough to make them stop.

Once, their father was away on business and it was just us three for two weeks. It started out as great fun, girls together, but then things changed.

On the first weekend of my husband’s absence, I decided that I would take the girls shopping and that we would go for something to eat afterwards. My eldest daughter was 14 at the time and could be quite a brat when she wanted to be.

As we shopped, she kept picking out clothes that were inappropriate for her age and that she knew neither her father nor I would approve of. She huffed and sulked when she didn’t get what she wanted and ended up ruining the day for all of us.

Things came to a head when she screamed at me in front of a shop assistant and told me that just because I was ‘a boring bitch’, it didn’t mean that she had to be too.

I was completely taken aback by her language and her nasty attitude. I grabbed her by the arm, pulled her to me and said: “We are going straight home, young lady, and you are going to get the hardest spanking you’ve ever had!” She was shocked and embarrassed as the woman in the shop smirked at this announcement. 

Once we got home, I dragged my daughter into the kitchen, got out the wooden spoon and told my daughter to pull down her jeans and pants. She refused point-blank, so I yanked them down for her, then tucked her under my left arm and spanked her bare bottom hard with the spoon.

Naturally, she screamed and cried and after about 20 whacks I pulled up her jeans and pants back up. Then I said: “Are you ready to take those pants down yourself now, or do I need to do it for you again?”

She couldn’t believe I was proposing to smack her bottom for a second time. She begged, cried and tried to reason with me but I had had enough. Eventually, she realised that I was resolute and she did as I asked. 

This time, I sat on a kitchen chair and she obediently positioned herself over my knee in the usual nursery position. I spanked her bare bottom long and hard with that spoon until she was bright red, with marks all over her bottom. She cried throughout and begged me to stop, but she really had pushed me too far and I was in no mood to be merciful. After the spanking, I immediately sent her to bed with no supper.

Late that night, when I had gone to bed myself, I saw her shadowy figure creep into the room. She whispered that she was really sorry and that she would be a better girl tomorrow. I hugged her. “I forgive you, sweetheart but if you ever refuse to pull your pants down for punishment again, I will spank you every evening for a week. Do you understand?” “Yes, mummy,” came back in a soft, obedient whisper.

Although it was unusual for me to be the disciplinarian, I firmly believe in corporal punishment and I have spanked both girls on a number of occasions since then. They seem to have found a new respect for me with the knowledge that I will punish them seriously when I have to. Even though my husband is the head of our household, he agrees that I should punish the girls as necessary.

Of course, he also punishes me if he thinks I need it! We don’t advertise our DD relationship but I know that the girls have occasionally heard the sound of the hairbrush or wooden spoon thoroughly spanking my bottom as I lie over my husband’s knee in the same position as themselves. They know that they are loved dearly and that sometimes even Mummy gets her bottom spanked if she gets too uppity.

Contributor: Kate

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