A punishment in itself

For me, as a child, in many ways the worst part of corporal punishment was not the spanking itself – it was the waiting, particularly when other children were being disciplined at the same time.

It was pure agony to wait and watch another spanking in progress, knowing that your own turn was coming up shortly. Generally, I much preferred to go first, so at least you would get it over with. Although, I have to say, whenever I was over Mom’s knee for the hairbrush or bending over the sofa for Dad to belt my bottom, I would rather be anywhere else in the world at that moment.

As I say, watching another child being spanked first was a punishment in itself. However, I also must admit that I also found it a somewhat erotic and sexually thrilling experience to see my sisters, cousins and female friends get spanked – albeit a somewhat diluted thrill if I was going to be next to have my bottom bared.

On a vocal scale, it would have to be a toss-up between my sister Sarah and I as to who ‘sang’ the loudest when we were on the receiving end of a spanking! My other sister Ruth and brother Mark always tried to be more stoical while they were being dealt with – or maybe they just had less sensitive skin than their siblings!

Be that as it may, all of us would be ‘putting on a show’ long before Mom and Dad’s spankings were through. Not that they were overly severe or brutal – but Mom’s cherry wood hairbrush and Dad’s hard and heavy hand hurt, as of course did the belt. Even Mom’s hand, though not as hard as Dad’s, would soon elicit a definite reaction when applied to your bare behind!

I recall many of my sisters’ spankings and the ‘orchestral performance’ that accompanied them. When I was due a spanking, however, the entertainment element of the event was always overshadowed by the knowledge that I was soon to be next!

Contributor: Simon

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