Fun at bedtime

I was born in the mid 80s, the eldest of four kids, and we were all raised with a lot of love, cuddles and a good balanced mix of freedom and guidance.

Unfortunately our mom became very ill when I was around 10 years old. Luckily she survived her illness and is still around. But because working full-time and caring for four young children was really too much for our dad, we often stayed over with family and friends during that year.

On one occasion, Mom had to go to the hospital and Dad went with her to support her. Thus, my two youngest siblings went to our grandparents, while myself and my eldest sister Lauren went to stay with the family of her best friend, a girl called Suzy. Despite naturally missing our parents, we had a great time there. It was my first visit to Suzy’s house, although Lauren had slept there many times before.

I remember the nice atmosphere at the house. Suzy was an only child – maybe that’s why there was always a nice, relaxed and cosy atmosphere in her. She had lovely parents, who gave Lauren and myself a lot of attention.

After we settled in and had dinner, Suzy showed me the way upstairs – we were all sleeping in the same bedroom. We were kist changing in our PJs when Suzy’s dad came into the room. He announced that it was time for some bedtime spankings.

I remember an explosion of giggles, laughter and screaming. My sis and Suzy started to run around the bedroom, but Suzy’s dad caught them both and scooped them up in one move.

I was mesmerised – I hadn’t witnessed any spankings until that day, though by my sister’s reaction she was very familiar with this bedtime ritual. I watched with great pleasure as Suzy’s dad drew up the back of the two girl’s nighties and began to pop them on their bottoms.

I really can’t remember how long he kept smacking but I do remember that I enjoyed it, as did my sister and her friend. They kept laughing and pleading the whole time, but it was obvious it was all in fun.

Suzy’s dad put Lauren back on her feet and planted a goodnight kiss on her forehead, then did the same with his own daughter, in her case adding a bit of rubbing on her bottom through her now readjusted nightie.

Before I knew it, I was next. I hadn’t had the chance to escape and found myself over Suzy’s dad’s knee in no time. It’s strange how some details of a memory disappear and others so clearly persist. I do remember that I stood just there, clad in my pyjama top and a pair of panties. I was holding my pyjama shorts in my hand the whole time. When I was over the father’s knee, I felt him lifting my shirt and his warm hand on the seat of my underwear. He popped me several times. Again, it wasn’t that hard – it was all in fun.

After he left the bedroom, we girls bared our bottoms and took some time comparing them – it was the first of several playful spankings I experienced during that stay.

Contributor: Brenda

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