A catalogue of woe

My brother Nick was (and still is) easily the nicest among my siblings. Nick is very sweet and easy-going – as a child, he was also generally very co-operative and a rule-follower. As a result he was spanked the least of all of us, and certainly far less often than myself.

Frankly, if it hadn’t been for me, Nick would have hardly ever been spanked. When he ended up with a sore bottom, it was usually because of something that his twin sister dragged him into. But as for the particular spanking I’m going to tell you about, I had nothing to do with it.

When my brother was about 12 or 13 he began to take an interest in girls for the first time, and of course also began to explore his own body. It may be hard for the younger readers to understand, but in those days it was very hard for a boy to get material to fuel his sexual fantasies. There was no internet and other types of pornography were hard to come by.

So the best my brother could do was the underwear section of the JC Penny mail order catalogue. He purloined my mother’s copy and hid it under his bed. Then he would lock the door, open up the dog-eared pages and jerk his little willy for all he was worth. Unfortunately for my brother, my mother did not approve of this behaviour – and she was also the one who changed the sheets!

One day, she found semen stains on Nick’s sheets as she went to change them. She was upset enough about that – but then she found the catalogue, made the obvious connection between it and my brother’s masturbation – and hit the roof.

When Nick got home from school, she ordered him up to his room. He and I had previously shared a room, but this changed when I hit puberty at 11.

Nick was surprised – he had no idea what he had done wrong. Mother began scolding him and then flung the catalogue at him, calling him a pervert. Then she said: “I am so embarrassed at your behaviour, young man, I’m going to spank you harder than you’ve ever been done before in your life!”

For his own part, Nick was naturally ashamed that Mom had found out about him masturbating but he was also upset at the implication that by doing so, he had let her down. He was crying hard even before the spanking began.

As I said, Nick wasn’t often spanked and had certainly not been punished in this way since hitting puberty. Mom ripped down his pants and underwear, exposing his pubic hair and his little ding-a-ling – the poor boy was so embarrassed.

Nick promptly bent over and presented his bottom, hoping to get the punishment over with quickly. But Mom made him sweat. She lectured him some more about how bad he was, again calling him a pervert. Then she began to spank him with the big leather strap.

My brother howled with pain as the strap bit into his bottom for the first time in many years. Mom gave him one spank for each year of his life, then stormed out of the room, taking my brother’s treasured catalogue with her.

Nick sobbed into his pillow, his cherry red bottom still pointed towards the sky. My brother frequently comforted me after a spanking, so now it was my turn. I came into his room and was shocked to see his red butt. I started rubbing his back and he cried and cried into his pillow. He wouldn’t tell me what happened at first but eventually I got it out of him.

He later told me that the worst part of the whole incident was that Mom never mentioned it again, so there was no way to clear the air or repair the relationship.

Contributor: Nina

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