Emily’s curiosity

I’ve read dozens of the stories posted here, and although regrettable I think it’s fair to say that at least some parents and other caregivers find a degree of pleasure in administering a spanking to a child. Looking back, this was almost certainly true of my own parents.

My sister Emily was small in build but had a full, rounded bottom even at a young age. This was quite noticeable so all the family occasionally joked about it, especially when Emily wore short shorts.

Nowadays, of course, such comments would be considered highly inappropriate, but back then it just felt like a natural part of family life. Our mum especially would joke about how Emily’s bottom deserved a spanking, but nothing came of those remarks, until the particular day I’m about to describe.

Emily was a very curious little girl – she was always following me and my younger brother around to see what we were doing, and asking questions. This habit became a bit troublesome when my brother and I started to develop sexually and we discovered the joys of our mum’s mail order store catalogue.

My brother and I had a whole routine when a new catalogue arrived. After Mum had finished looking herself, we would ask to see it. Mum allowed this without issue – but not before teasing us, which now I realise was because she knew the main reason for our interest…

There were always quite a few lingerie photos in the catalogues, as well as bathroom photos, such as a model walking out of the shower or the bath. Let me tell you, as kids even a tame photo of the side of a naked woman’s buttock was quite a find, and Dan and I made sure to slowly appreciate each of them, sitting side by side and soaking in every picture.

There was something special about seeing a nice bottom, but we also loved the lingerie images, especially the ‘see-through’ material photos where you could see nipples and pubic hair. Mum didn’t mind us looking at those types of photos – she merely smiled and teased us playfully about it.

The thing was, my siblings and I all shared the same bedroom, with Dan and I on bunks and Emily on another bed by the opposite wall. When we enjoyed the catalogue, we thoughtlessly did so on Emily’s bed since the light was better there – not realising how inappropriate it was to become aroused on our little sister’s bed.

Most times we would at least try to get Emily to go away and do something else so we could look at the lingerie models alone – but she usually refused, so we would just give up and look at the catalogue with our sister still in the room.

Well, while Mum was wise to the fact we boys used the catalogue for sexual stimulation, she naturally wasn’t so happy about seeing Emily with us. She maintained that girls ‘shouldn’t be participating in such things’ and that Emily was ‘too curious for her own good’. It was these qualms which would lead to my sister’s first ever bare bottom spanking. In retrospect, the incident felt almost like a show for us boys, with exposure and humiliation being what stands out to me whenever I think of it. 

Mum lined the three of us against the bunk bed and gave us a talking to – with her anger for some reason mostly focused on Emily, since she was ‘supposed to be a lady’. After giving us all a long telling off, she eventually called Dad at work and told him that Emily would need a spanking once he got home.

After putting down the phone, Mum proceeded to remove our clothes from top to bottom, leaving us all as naked as the day we were born. Dan and I had been admiring the lingerie photos, so having our mother pull down our underwear and see our erections felt super embarrassing. But Mum absolutely did not allow us to cover ourselves, grabbing and slapping our hands away, saying: “What are you trying to hide? I’m your mother! I’ve seen you all naked plenty of times.”

My dick continued to throb visibly as I looked at my now nude siblings. Mum ordered us to keep our arms up, and told Emily she was ‘a very naughty girl’ . She also asked us boys whether we had been playing with ourselves. We obviously denied it, but as I say, our excitement was obvious for anyone to see. Mum’s view was that Emily ‘shouldn’t be seeing such things yet’.

The whole process was incredibly long and humiliating, but also very exciting to me. The feeling of communal nakedness was highly arousing – it was embarrassing, scary and exciting, all at the same time. Mum made us look at each other, all the while asking about what we were ‘really’ doing, what we were thinking, if we knew how naughty that was and so on. Whatever her plan was, it only made my brother and I more excited and Emily even more curious. 

When Dad’s car finally drove up, reality started to sink in. It was like I could hear every piece of gravel on the road crunch as it approached. Realising we could now be in real trouble, Dan and I begged to be allowed to cover up so Dad wouldn’t see our erections – but Mum was having none of it. 

When Dad came into the bedroom, his eyes bulged at the sight which met them. Hastily, he collected himself and asked Mum what exactly had happened. After hearing the story, he tried to get out of spanking duties, arguing that we were all growing up and that it was no big deal to want to see naked women or even explore our own bodies.

However, while mum agreed that exploring was natural, she maintained that Emily was ‘too curious’ and needed a sharp lesson. My siblings and I stood there, still naked, while Dad sat on Emily’s bed and Mum paced back and forth as they argued about it. At one point, Dad told Mum that she deserved a spanking herself. She laughed nervously – I now realise that Mum would probably have loved to be spanked right then and there – but that didn’t happen.

After the argument (which wasn’t much of a fight, just Dad trying to bail on spanking us), Mum finally grabbed Emily by the hand and led her over to Dad. He then pulled her close and she bent over his lap, already crying and begging not to be done. But Mum told her that she deserved to be spanked, that she needed a lesson and that ‘Daddy will teach you to be a lady’.

By that time, I was beyond excited by the proceedings. As Emily’s bottom went up in the air, I got a good look at her slit and her butthole. I wanted to relieve myself so bad, and I’m sure Dan was thinking the same thing – he was just as hard as I was.

Dad applied a sound spanking to his daughter’s bare behind. Emily’s buttocks bounced as they were slapped, and I occasionally got another peek of her anus. Finally, Dad put her face down on the bed to have a cry. Her bottom was bright red and you could almost feel the waves of heat emanating from it.  

After the spanking, Mum and Dad immediately went to their bedroom, where we heard them fucking. Dan and I, meanwhile, continued to gaze at our sister’s well-smacked bottom as we finally relieved ourselves.

I realise this is a curious tale of rather skewed and shocking values. It took a long time for us to get up the courage to ask Mum to borrow the catalogue again but when we did, she did so without hesitation – it was like nothing had ever happened.

When Dan and I later graduated from catalogues to proper porn, Mum did take all three of us aside and talked to us about frankly about love, sex, masturbation and pregnancy and love. So maybe the previous incident was intended as an educational moment, but one where our parents fell foul of their own sexual urges and desires. Naturally, it’s something I still feel very conflicted about, even today.

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