Double dose of the belt

I have written before about the many naked spankings my mother gave me as a child. While going through puberty, I experienced lots of sexual feelings and regular erections associated with these punishments.

My sister was two years older than me and by the time I turned 14, I began having a strong interest in her developing body. I would often lie in bed naked and wonder what my sister looked like without clothes.

Then, one night, I plucked up the courage to go into her room. My sister was asleep and I tenderly put my hand under her sheets and started feeling her breasts. This felt really good but I must have done it too much or too long, because to my utter shock my sister woke up and (unsurprisingly, I guess) started yelling at me.

My mother rushed into my sister’s bedroom to see what was happening and she dragged my naked body back to my own bedroom. She left me there with the warning: “Tomorrow, young man, you are going to be seriously punished for what you just did!”

Nothing happened in the morning but when I got home from school, my mother told me to go straight to my room and wait for her. I knew that I was in for it, but didn’t know what she had planned.

I waited nervously in my room for a long time until I eventually heard footsteps coming up the stairs. My mother came into my room, but she wasn’t alone – my sister was with her.

Mother told me I was going get a severe beating for what I had done – and that my sister was going to give it to me. Well, my mother wasn’t a woman to argue with. She ordered my sister to strip me naked, a process which inevitably both embarrassed me and really turned me on.

Mother gave my sister the leather belt she kept for chastising us, and told her to put me over her knee and belt me as hard as she could. I was used to having my mother belting me but I was amazed at how hard my sister was using the belt.

After six very hard strokes, my bare bum was already stinging – but it was far from over. My mother told my sister to give me six more strokes. As my already stinging bum received another six very hard whacks I was in severe pain, but couldn’t help having warm sexual feelings.

Then my mother ordered me to stand up and she rubbed some soothing cream into my buttocks. But still the punishment wasn’t over. Mother took me across her knee and said: “Now, I’m going to give you the same as you just got from your sister.” My bottom was unbelievably sore as Mother belted me 12 more times.

When she had finished, Mother sent my sister out of the room, but stayed with me and gave me some intimate attention…which definitely made me feel a lot better.

Contributor: James

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