A run of bad luck

During my childhood, one of the most popular (and naughty) games me and my friends would play was ringing doorbells and then running away. There was one particular day that this game backfired on my bottom!

On that day I was playing with my sister Cristina and cousin Javier. I was eight at the time, as was Javier, and my sister would have been 11.

We decided to target an elderly neighbour for our fun. The first few rings went well but by the time it was my turn to ring the doorbell, the old lady had become wise to our childish game and was waiting right behind the door, easily identifying me and catching me red-handed.

Before I knew what was happening, she had grabbed my arm and started marching me towards my home, saying: “You are a very naughty little girl – let’s see what your mother thinks about such behaviour, shall we?” There was no sign of either my sister or my cousin, who had managed to stay hidden.

Our neighbour knocked on my own front door, and Mother answered it. The old lady told her what I’d been up to, and naturally my mother was furious with me.

She turned apologetically to our neighbour. “Don’t worry,” she said, “this naughty girl is going to have a very hot bottom, very soon indeed.” The assurance of a spanking mollified the older woman, and she walked back to her own house.

Mother closed the door, took me by the hand and led me into the living room, where she sat down on the couch and stood me at her right side.

“Pants and panties down right now!” came the command. I tried to protest and plead, but Mother’s only response was: “Bare bottom now – or do you want me to go and get the hairbrush?”

Well, a hand spanking from my mother was bad enough but the thought of her going to town on my bare behind with the back of that brush filled me with horror. I had no choice but to obediently pull down my lower clothing.

“Over my knee!” I again tried to plead, but once again she said: “I want you across my knee, and ready to take your punishment, in three seconds or it’ll be the brush, young lady!”

I reluctantly bent over her lap in the all-too-familiar position. Mother pulled my top clothing clear of my bottom and became to smack very hard indeed, going from one buttock to another as she tanned my young behind. I cried hard and the spanking seemed to go on for an eternity, although in truth it probably only took a couple of minutes for her to deliver the well-deserved whipping.

Once I had been done, Mother put me in the corner, bare bottom still on show, with the explicit instruction: “Don’t you dare think of rubbing it!”

Not long afterwards, I was still snivelling in the corner, backside still on fire, when my sister came into the house. Mother asked whether she had been with me, but Cristina told a lie, saying she had been out with her friends. To my utter chagrin, Mother believed her, so both she and Javier got away without the spankings they both deserved, and would certainly have got under the circumstances.

Contributor: Laura

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