The under-age drinker

In my last contribution, I described the first time I gave a spanking to my eldest child, my daughter Susana. In some ways, the punishment was not an easy thing to administer but afterwards, I felt good about it as a mother.

Now let me tell you about the first time I smacked the bottom of my son Julio. He was four years old at the time, so a year younger than my little girl was when she was introduced to corporal punishment.

My husband was working in the garden at the time, and Susana and Julio were out there playing. I was cooking in the kitchen when I heard my husband call out, asking me to bring him a beer from the fridge, as he was getting thirsty.

I did so and put it down on the patio. Before he could take a drink, the phone rang indoors. It was a business call for my husband, and I called him indoors to take it. Meanwhile, Susana went to take a bath and Julio was left alone on the patio.

As I continued my prep in the kitchen, I looked out into the garden and to my shock I saw Julio drinking his father’s beer. I rushed out and snatched the bottle from his hand. “I didn’t drink it!” he protested. The fib made me even more angry with my child.

“You are a wicked little boy!” I upbraided him. “Mama saw you drinking. So as well as touching you knew you weren’t supposed to touch, you also told a lie as well. Well, Mama is going to give you a lesson you won’t forget.”

I grabbed Julio by the hand and frogmarched him inside. I took him into the lounge, where I sat down on the sofa and took down my son’s trousers and underpants.

I put the now bare-bottomed boy across my knee and began to soundly spank him. As I say, it was his first taste of corporal chastisement and he howled as my palm smacked his buttocks repeatedly.

Meanwhile, Susana had heard the crying coming from the lounge and came in to see what all the fuss was about. I think it was the first time she had seen another child being spanked and she watched open-mouthed as I smacked her brother’s bum from white to bright red.

Afterwards, I read Julio another lecture, then put him in the corner with his bare bottom on show as a reminder of his naughtiness. After a while he was allowed back out and he came up to me, crying and begging to be forgiven. Of course, he was, and I hugged him and rubbed his sore bottom better.

As with his big sister, that was the first but by no means the last time I had to bare Julio’s bottom for a good spanking.

Contributor: Laura

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