Little bare-bottomed dancer

In 1995, when I was 15 years old, a certain musical group became a complete phenomenon in my country. The main reasons for their success were their voluptuous female dancers in ‘booty shorts’ who performed dance moves similar to the more recent phenomenon of twerking, vigorously shaking and bouncing their butts up and down.

The models went on to pose nude for Playboy, but that didn’t stop them from becoming role models to children everywhere, since this was the 90s – a much more open-minded time.

It was certainly a very joyful time for a teenager like me. My hormones were naturally raging 24/7, so I greatly enjoyed all the local kids and teen girls mimicking the group’s sexy dance moves, especially when they wore short skirts instead of booty shorts, and so showing off heir panties. This would happen in talent shows, in dance contests at school and even in the streets. The group was that popular – and our country hasn’t seen a hit phenomenon like it since.

If you were a kid or teen, you got away with a lot in those days, particularly in the less religious households. In the early 90s, every weekend, me and my friends used to do the rounds, going from home to home to play video games, look at magazines and watch a movie on someone’s VCR or on TV.

Starting in 1995, we would hop from home to home as usual until it was time to watch the talent show with the infamous dance group. We would then sit close to the TV, with the adults behind us, everyone transfixed by the bouncing booties on display, the kids teasing each other about our respective boners. Then we would go to the host’s bedroom, drop our shorts and underwear, then masturbate. It was one of those things where the parents pretended not to know about it.

My favourite family on our rotation was one where our buddy had a spunky little sister who absolutely loved the dance group. She would dress up and follow along with the dancers, her tiny skirt showing us her panties for the entire routine. We would sit on the floor of the living room around her and she just danced and danced, shaking her little tushy for us. Afterwards we would go to her brother’s bedroom, get our dicks out and masturbate.

This went on for months, while the group was active, and I always tried to convince my friends that we should go to that particular home during the talent show, a suggestion to which they usually agreed.

The mother of this buddy of ours was the parent most obviously ‘in’ to our antics, once going as far as entering the room where we were wanking to drop off some snacks. She just smiled, looked at our stiff little cocks with amusement, put down the snacks and left. I think she just wanted to make sure that her suspicions about us were correct!

One particular day got us in trouble, though. On this day, the little sister somehow escaped from her parents and came into the bedroom with us to show us even more of her dance moves.

She did as before, dancing while we sat in a circle around her, and after a couple of minutes her brother pulled down his shorts and started jerking off right there, telling us it was all OK and we could do the same. The girl didn’t seem to mind – even when her brother reached under her skirt and removed her panties. She just kept on dancing, all smiles, putting on a show with her now bare chubby little bottom.

A couple of us had just ejaculated when we heard the mother’s voice, addressing the girl. “So this is where you ran to!”

She came into the room, inspecting us one by one, then proceeded to spank the hell out of her son, hitting his bum, thighs and even his balls, which was agony just to look at – God knows how painful it was.

After the spanking, she interrogated us in turn about what we had done to her daughter. I guess she was making sure none of us had penetrated the girl. After we all explained that we had only watched her dance, she seemed relieved, took the girl by the hand and led her out of the room. A few moments later, we heard crying and the unmistakeable sound of a mother’s hand slapping a bare bottom, as the little girl got a spanking all of her own.

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