A stinging pleasure

Unlike some of your correspondents, I have nothing but warm feelings (and much more besides) about the beatings my mother often subjected me to as a boy.

Mother always stripped me naked for such punishments and once I had been prepared, she put me over her knee and used a leather belt across my bare buttocks with some force.

This was in the 1960s, when corporal punishment was still widely accepted, and I personally think it should still be allowed today. Frankly, the boys of this generation don’t know what they are missing through not being put across their mother’s knee when they’re naughty.

To be frank, I actually loved my mother getting me naked and the whipping sound of the belt as it landed on my bum. Even the sting of the leather across my buttocks was painful but also curiously enjoyable.

When she had finished beating me, Mother would hold me close and gently stroke her hands all over my body, which naturally gave me even more pleasant feelings. I really got to enjoy my beatings and sometimes asked her for more if I felt I had not been punished sufficiently for my crime.

When I was a young man, I talked to my mother about these beatings and we both admitted how much we had enjoyed both administering and receiving them. I wonder how many other mothers would admit to giving their pubescent sons a naked spanking? And are there any men who enjoyed similar experiences with their mothers when they were boys? I would love to hear their stories.

Contributor: James

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