Black belt mum

Personally, I don’t have any sexual interest in spanking, although I do occasionally smack my wife’s bum by request. This always leads to you-know-what! My wife found the Maman site and enjoys reading the stories, because they are real life accounts, rather than fictional nonsense. Nearly all adult story sites are about whips and chains, and she hates those.

I was never smacked as a kid, but I do have a funny spanking memory story, and my wife has encouraged me to share. (Well, I think it’s funny.)

Our dad had told us that Mum used to be good at judo – won some competition or something back in the day. We didn’t, as far as I can remember, take much notice of this news until the day my brother had some of his mates at our house.

My brother was getting all cocky and giving Mum a bit of lip and somehow the subject of her judo past came up. My brother poked Mum in the ribs, and he was clearly trying to provoke a fight. Mum pushed him away more than once, with verbal warnings he didn’t listen to. He just got even more lippy, showing off in front of his mates. I watched the whole thing unfold.

Then suddenly he pushed his luck a bit too far and in a flash, Mum had put him on his arse in front of everyone. They all laughed and my brother got to his feet, a bit red in the face. He attacked again and got the same result – he was on his arse in a second. More laughter. Any sensible person would have stopped at this point.

After a third attempt, Mum had my brother tied up in a neat little bow, unable to move on the floor. He laughed as Mum released him, shouting: “Right – I’m warmed up now, old lady. Come on, let’s see what you’ve got!” He added that he had ‘let her win’ so far, because she was a girl! 

“Is that right?” Mum asked ominously, turning around as she did so. She advanced, and about five seconds later she was half sitting on the arm of the settee, with my brother over her knee, both arms crossed on his back aand held by the wrist. Mum had her legs crossed at the ankles, locking both my brother’s legs. He could hardly move a muscle! We all thought this was hilarious. My brother’s face was on the seat of the settee, squished sideways, looking towards his mates. 

Still he continued the bravado. “You got lucky!” he told Mum. She was totally relaxed and casual, and turned to his mates. “Well, boys, what do you think I’m going to do with big mouth here?” She patted my brother’s upturned bum with her hand. It was obvious what was going to happen, but the other boys encouraged Mum to spank him anyway – and she did! 

Mum held both my brother’s arms in place easily with one hand on his wrist – I think it was a thumb hold. With her other hand, she started to spank him. How we cheered and laughed! Yes, he had jeans on, so it was never going to hurt that much – but the humiliation of being spanked by his mother in front of his friends must have been excruciating. She made him say embarrassing, stupid stuff – and spanked him each time until he did.

The best bit for me was when Mum asked: “So, you let me win because I’m a girl. huh? Are you letting me spank you like a naughty little boy as well?” There was no answer from big mouth – but I could see his face, and he looked well embarrassed.

“If you challenge me again or run your mouth like that again,” Mum told my brother, I will spank you again, without your jeans and in front of all your mates. The other boys [resent were grinning and laughing, and none more so than me! Watching my cocky brother get properly sorted by Mum was very enjoyable! 

Mum finally gave my brother a barrage of what looked like really hard smacks, and they cracked and popped loudly. She asked him if he had any more to say for himself. There was no reply – just a grunt.

As a final insult, Mum made him my brother apologise to her, and admit he had lost a fight against a girl. Then she finished him off with some more good hard smacks before releasing him to the laughing mob, who teased him really badly about getting spanked on his botty by Mummy.

Finally, Mum warned her errant son him to not say anything he would instantly regret, and left us alone in the room, laughing at my very red-faced brother. After our mother was well out of earshot he said he tried to make out that he had ‘enjoyed that’ but I am sure he was just covering his embarrassment. I doubt any of his mates believed him, either.

When I got a bit older I asked mum about her judo past. It turned out she competed and did very well at both club and county level, and only stopped when she became pregnant with my older brother.

Contributor: Rob

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