My nephew’s bedtime

Although my own children were no strangers to a spanking, as I have set out in previous accounts, I must say I never expected to be called upon to warm my nephew Daniel’s bottom. Yet that was exactly what happened when Daniel was nine years old.

My sister Cristina had arranged a weekend in Paris to mark her husband’s birthday. Naturally, they wanted a romantic break on their own, so Cristina asked me whether I would look after Daniel. Naturally, I agreed.

I don’t think we had ever really discussed child discipline before as sisters. Nevertheless, when she dropped Daniel off, Cristina specifically gave me permission to correct her son as if he was my own child while they were away. Daniel was a mild-mannered boy and I didn’t anticipate needing to use any sanctions.

All went went until it was the children’s bedtime. My own kids, Susana and Julio, rose obediently to obey my instruction, but Daniel raised the flag of rebellion. “My parents let me go to bed much later than this,” he complained. I wasn’t prepared to put up with any nonsense, particularly as it might undermine my own children’s discipline, so I told Daniel firmly: “Your parents are not here. They have left me in charge of you, so I say when you go to bed.”

Daniel remained defiantly seated on the sofa, so I said to him: “I need to go to the toilet. When I come out, I want to see you in bed or there’ll be big trouble, young man!”

I had my pee, but when I came downstairs, all the children were still in the lounge. I gave mine ‘the look’ and they stood up obediently, then I turned to my nephew. “Daniel, this is your last chance – go to bed now!” He turned a surly face to me. “You’re not my mother,” he sneered.

That did it. I went over to the sofa and hauled him upright, then sat down myself and put my hands on his pants. I unzipped him and pulled them down as he howled in protest. I took no notice and his boxers came down too. I rolled up the sleeve of my smacking arm, then put my naughty nephew across my lap.

His young white buttocks were quickly turned crimson as I gave him a brisk and very hard spanking. Needless to say, he cried and kicked throughout. Midway through the spanking, I looked up and realised that my own two children were watching, their eyes glued in fascination to their cousin’s bare buttocks.

“Up to bed now, the pair of you!” I shouted. “Or do you want the same treatment as your cousin? Because I’d be happy to oblige!” Needless to say, they scattered immediately.

I finished administering the spanking – Daniel’s small bottom was bright scarlet by now and he was crying hard. Finally, I scooped him up into my arms and let him have a big cry, rubbing his freshly-spanked bottom as he did so. Then I found a tissue and wiped his face.

“Are you going to go to bed now, Daniel?” I asked, looking him in the eye. “Yes, Auntie Laura,” he sniffed. “Good boy.” I gave him a warm kiss on the lips. “Come on, let’s get you in bed.”

I placed Daniel on his feet, his pants and underpants still around his ankles and led him bare-bottomed up the stairs. I took him to the room he was sharing with Julio and undressed him like a mother with a much younger child, finally getting him in his pyjamas.

I knelt by his bedside as he lay between the cosy sheets. “If I tell your mama you were a naughty boy for me, do you think she will give you another spanking, Daniel?” Tears came to his eyes as he nodded a reply. “Well, then,” I said, “as long as you behave for me from now on, it’ll be our little secret. All right?” Another nod. I kissed him again and switched off the light as both boys settled down for the night – one with a rather warmer bottom than the other!

Contributor: Laura

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