Discipline in the granny flat

I would like to tell you another story from my childhood. Last time, I mentioned that I was raised by my grandmother and she was very strict. Once a year I was allowed to go on vacation to stay with my favourite aunt. The latter never hit me, and the change in regime was always very welcome.

In a ‘granny flat’ within my aunt’s home lived her elderly mother-in-law, called Margot. The latter was also very nice to me, and would often give me chocolate during my stays there.

Unfortunately, all this domestic harmony came to an end one day at the age of 10 – when I simply disappeared, without permission, into the city where my aunt lived. After a frantic search, I was eventually found and brought home by the police.

Not surprisingly, perhaps, my aunt was extremely angry with me – as were the police for taking up their time – and I do believe I would have had my pants taken down and been spanked on the spot by my aunt. Unfortunately, at the time, she had an injury on her right hand – her dominant one – so after being soundly scolded, she sent me to use the shower, as I was dirty and smelly from my adventures.

When I came out of the shower, I was surprised to find that there were no clean clothes put out for me on the bed, as was usual. Not even pyjamas. My aunt entered my room a few moments later. I covered up my private parts with my hands, much to her amusement. Then she said sternly: “Hermann, you have been an extremely naughty boy! Go and see Margot – she will know what to do with you.”

I obediently went downstairs, very ashamed of my nakedness, and rang the bell on the inner door to Margot’s flat. It was obvious that she was expecting me, as the door was answered almost immediately and she told me to come right in.

The first thing she did was to take my wrists in her hands and put my hands down by my sides, exposing my genitals. “Do you think I haven’t seen a little boy’s penis before?” she asked rhetorically as I blushed.

“Sit down, Hermann.” Margot pointed to one of the wooden chairs in her kitchen and I reluctantly obeyed, the bare wood feeling suddenly very hard and cold against my naked buttocks.

To my surprise, Margot then poured both of us a cup of tea. “I have some work to do in here first,” she explained. It felt very bizarre sitting there in my birthday suit while Margot finished off a cake she was making and put it in the waiting oven.”

Then she turned to me. “Now it’s time to make something else nice and hot! Come with me!” She took me by the wrist and led me into the lounge, where she sat down on the sofa, her face now just inches away from my manhood. “Well, I’m sorry, Hermann, but your aunt and I both think you need to be punished severely. Lie across my knee!”

Although I realised I was about to have my bare bottom severely dealt with, that was still better in my mind than Margot looking at my privates, so without any fuss or protest I quickly put myself in the spanking position familiar to millions of children.

I felt Margot put a hand in the small of my back to control me, then she began to spank me. She went from cheek to cheek methodically and despite her age, she still had a strong arm and a very hard hand indeed. It had been a few months since my grandmother had last spanked me and my young bottom was by no means hardened to the act. By the time Margot had finished the job, I was very red and sore back there, there were tears in my eyes and I rose from her lap no longer caring what she saw of my body.

“Now you will go back to your aunt and apologise properly,” Margot said firmly, dismissing me with a final stinging slap to my left buttock.

Of course, I did as I was told. “Did it hurt?” my aunt demanded sternly. I nodded, eyes still full of water. “Good. Let’s hope that teaches you a lesson. Now, straight to bed for the rest of the day.”

Contributor: Hermann

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