Swats a-plenty

Many years ago now, I spent a year working in a school office as an assistant secretary. One of the duties of that job was … more

Tanning for a shoplifter

I came from a mixed family background – my mum is African and my dad, who I never knew, is English. Before my mum got ill and I … more

A change of pace

I have been inspired by other contributors to put fingers to keyboard. Here is my spanking journey so far – names have bee… more

A shameless spanking

As a child, every weekend I was surrounded by cousins – mostly on my mother’s side. The family was huge, as each of m… more

Smacky Bums

When I was small, myself and the other children in my street would play a lot of games. Piggy run, hide and seek, leap frogg… more

Sweet dreams

I’m 60 now, so what I am about to write happened a long while ago, but the memory is as strong today as it ever w… more

All in good fun?

I thought I would write in and relate my childhood memories as regards to spanking. I don’t remember being that bo… more

Over Peggy’s knee

One of my most memorable spankings was from a young babysitter called Peggy Parker, who warmed not only my own bottom but … more

Past and present

I’m sure most of us have been embarrassed by our mothers at one time or another, and my own mum caused me much embarr… more

Brought up short

I have only given one punishment spanking in my life – because that isolated incident made me realise I was into giving sp… more

A spanking from my sister

I was born in 1970 and grew up in Bolton, in the north west of the UK. We were a family of four – myself, Mum and Dad, and my elde… more

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