And mother makes two…

Like most of your readers, I am fascinated by spanking. My first proper girlfriend (we were 16 and 17 at the time, respectively) still got the occasional spanking from her father despite her advanced age.

One night, we had been out at a gig and got back to her house very late. A friend of mine had given us both a lift and we dropped my girlfriend off first. As we arrived at her home, her father was waiting by the door and looking very angry.

My girlfriend quickly kissed me goodnight and whispered that she knew what was coming.

When we met the next day, she told me that her although her mum had given her permission to be home later than usual, her mother hadn’t told her father about this arrangement, so naturally he had become very worried, as he expected her back by 11.

Sure enough, as she had predicted over that goodnight kiss, she was taken indoors and had her jeans and knickers taken down. Then she was put over her father’s knee for a very hard smacking.

Despite feeling sorry for my girlfriend, as she hadn’t really been at fault, I couldn’t help get an erection as she described what happened to her in some detail. But I was to get harder still moments later.

My girlfriend revealed that as the misunderstanding had been deemed largely her mother’s fault, her father had proceeded to put her across his knee after his daughter and gave her the same treatment, again on her bare bum, yelping and wriggling as she got done.

Apparently, this was not a one-off event either. My girlfriend, who was an only child, told me that her mother was spanked almost as regularly as she was. As she told me this, I could feel my engorged penis straining against the fabric of my underpants.

Then my girlfriend took down her jeans and knickers to show me her bottom. It was still quite red, with some bruising and her father’s handprints visible on some areas of her buttocks.

As our relationship developed, it became clear that these fatherly spankings aroused my girlfriend as much as me. From then on, she would often asked me to spank her, and clearly enjoyed it. She would often rub herself while I gently spanked her bare bum. 

The woman I eventually married also sexualised spankings from quite an early age. As a girl, she was spanked bare bottom by her grandfather in the presence of her younger brother, which was a huge embarrassment for her.

Even today, my wife sometimes lets me spank her and she always becomes aroused. I would absolutely love to persuade her to let me arrange for us both to be dealt with by a dominant male spanker.

In my fantasy, we would present ourselves, be told to strip and our bodies inspected, then watch each other being spanked naked as the day we were born – legs thrashing, bottoms on display, before our spanker enjoyed my wife’s body while I watch helplessly, hands on head and standing in the corner.

Contributor: Paul

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