Four sore bottoms

I got spanked four times when I was a girl. What follows is an account of each of these punishments.

The first one happened when I was five years old. I threw a full bowl of cornflakes on to the tiled kitchen floor because my mam wouldn’t give me something more interesting. She had me over her knee in an instant and I looked at the cornflakes turning soggy on the floor as her palm smacked into my bare bottom over and over. I don’t remember crying but I assume I must have done. Once the job was done, I was sent to my bedroom to get dressed without any breakfast whatsoever.

The second one happened when I was eight. My school phoned home because I’d been making people laugh doing burping noises during dinnertime. Not a big crime, but my headteacher had seen me doing it.

The second she got me home and shut the front door behind us, Mam whisked up my blue gingham school dress and yanked down my knickers. Then she put me over her knee and gave me a long, hard spanking. I do remember crying this time because it really hurt. After I had been done, I went to the toilet and looked at my bum in the mirror. It was bright red and I had a couple of bruises for a couple of days afterwards too.

The third spanking of my girlhood came when I was nine. The police caught myself and some friends climbing on to the roof of a local business. We were taken to the station and they called our parents to scare us straight.

Dad collected me and sent me to my room as soon as he got me home. Then he sent Mam up to spank me. I fought her as she tried to pull my knickers down and she ended up smacking my bare thighs until they were bright red before I finally let her take my pants down for the proper spanking on my bottom.

The last spanking I received was when I was 13, and I must say I felt far too old for it – I was almost a young woman by then, not a little girl. But apparently Mam and Dad disagreed.

I can’t remember the exact circumstance but Dad and I had got into a screaming match over something. Finally, he gave me the ‘you’re not too old for a smacked bottom, young lady’ line. I disagreed – and Mam decided to end the argument by proving me wrong.

I struggled so much that Dad had to hold my wrists and Mam pinned my legs under hers while she spanked me hard. She carried on until I wept and then sent me up to bed. I felt very naughty and ashamed of being spanked like a little girl – but I also felt a bit turned on and had a wank.

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