My best friend’s secret

The one time anyone ever confided in me about spanking was during my teenage years, when my best friend told me of her loathing for her both her stepdad and his brother.

This was when she we were both 13, not long after my friend’s mother married her stepdad. My friend has always been very slim and remained skinny into her teens, unlike myself who was very well developed.

Anyway, this girl and I developed a close friendship. I told her how unhappy I was in foster care, and how I had been grounded for two weeks for bunking off school! I got a good telling off, too, though no spanking that time.

My friend responded by telling me that not only did she hate her stepdad, but even more so her new ‘uncle’, who babysat her sometimes.

Now, I must say that my friend always liked using foul language – I guess it made her feel grown-up. It was this that had got her into trouble with her ‘uncle’, apparently. He had washed her mouth out with soap for swearing, and when she subsequently called him a ‘bastard’, he slapped her hard across the backside.

One another occasion, after they had an argument and she told him ‘fuck off, you creep!’, he had grabbed a slipper, pulled down her pyjamas and tanned her bare bottom. When she complained, her mum and stepdad – who were, to be frank, both drunks – simply responded: “Well, behave yourself, then!” 

Thankfully, a few years later my friend’s mother divorced her husband, and my friend never saw this ‘uncle’ again.

Contributor: Shanti

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