The Christmas party

This is the story of a wonderful party my parents threw one Christmas 20 years ago. I would have just turned 10 years old at the time.

Mum and Dad had invited loads of family and friends, with a clear instruction – it was Christmas clothing or dress up smart, preferably both!

Everyone arrived dressed up to the nines, and for a 10-year-old boy this opened both my eyes and the floodgates of my sexuality. Mum and dad had dressed me in smart black trousers a Santa shirt and bow tie. I loved my outfit, felt all grown up and really looked forward to the party.

Funny really, but you rarely see parents or friends and family dressed up. When I saw my dad wearing a dinner suit with a waist coat and bow tie that matched mine, I thought he looked very cool – very James Bond!

Oh, but when I saw Mum! She had changed her hair, she had lipstick and make up on. More importantl,y she wore a sparkly dress that was split to the thigh. revealing really good legs in sheer black tights and strappy heels. I was speechless and couldn’t stop staring. I didn’t realise Mum could change so much, and I certainly never knew she had those legs! I felt a bit guilty for looking later, but it was such a shock.

The guests arrived as I was trying to get over the shock of seeing Mum in her revealing dress. My dad’s sister Aunt Carly arrived and was the next to surprise me. She wore a low cut sparkly top with a Christmas hat and red Christmas-themed trousers. I  was hugged and my face was temporarily buried in her cleavage. What a magnificent pair of breasts she had! As more family members and friends turned up, things started to warm up.

Aunt Tracy, my mum’s younger sister, arrived and stole the show as far as I was concerned. She wore some tinsel like a scarf and some reindeer antlers. Her top was a Christmas-themed blouse but, oh my, her skirt was like that of a St Trinian’s schoolgirl, short and pleated. It had a white fluffy hem and swirled as she moved. But again, it was her legs that amazed me. Aunt Tracy wore red high heels with sheer, seamed, flesh-coloured tights. There were red Christmas bows on the heel of her tights above the shoes.

I had no idea she had such fabulous legs; she had always looked quite normal to me until then. Clearly great legs ran in Mum’s family!

So that’s set the scene. Now to the action. As far as I remember, spankings were occasionally seen on TV, mostly old films or cartoons.

I wouldn’t say I was obsessed, or desperate to be spanked, but I did have a tendency to wonder what an over-the-knee spanking felt like. I suspect it had more to do with legs at that early stage. I say over the knee, because that offered the best chance of contact with female legs. I wasn’t much bothered about spankings in other positions, given by women in trousers and certainly never by men! It was a female authority thing – a mix of my love of great legs and spanking.

With the party in full swing, Dad gave me a weak shandy beer, which made me feel very grown up. Aunts made a fuss of me in my bow tie and I got hugged or kissed every time I walked past one of the women. I didn’t complain! 

It was Aunt Tracy that held my attention, though. Oh, those legs! She was sitting on a chair talking to one of Mum and Dad’s friends, with her legs crossed. I couldn’t look away – I was mesmerised. 

Some silly games started and due to my infatuation with Aunt Tracy’s and Mum’s legs, I went to the dining room which had been set out for a game of musical chairs.

Round we went until there were just three people and two chairs. Aunt Tracy, myself and a friend of Mum’s were the last in. When the music stopped, I found myself fighting over a chair with Aunt Tracy. The other lady nabbed a chair but I managed to wriggle past my Aunt and got the seat. Aunt Tracy sat on my lap, squashing me which caused much laughing. Aunt Tracy wriggled about and accused me of cheating. She swore revenge, as I grinned like an idiot – Aunt Tracy had sat on my lap, and I liked what I felt!

As we finished the last round of the game, there were lots of comments from the other players already knocked out. They were telling the lady to watch out for me, that I was a slippery character. However, when the music stopped I was seat-side and the lady was behind the chair, so I won fair and square. There was a round of applause and Aunt Tracy stepped forward.

Smiling, she congratulated me and announced to the room she was going to give me a prize for winning the game. Before I knew what was happening, she sat on my winning chair and pulled me across her knees in a flash. This was revenge! There was a cheer and many voices of encouragement.

Aunt Tracy had me balanced perfectly. I couldn’t touch the ground and I cantilevered in absolute heaven. I didn’t struggle a bit – I simply called back and up over my shoulder that it wasn’t fair; I had won the game fair and square. There were lots of helpful comments and plenty of advice for Aunt Tracy on how best deliver a good long hard spanking!

I lay still and stared at the little bows on the backs of her legs above her shoes. I followed the line of the seams up and along until they disappeared; in short, I could not of been happier. I knew the adults were all messing around – I wasn’t in trouble, so I was very relaxed.

I had been across Aunt Tracy’s knee for a while without a single smack being delivered. I heard mum tell Aunt Tracy not to hurt her baby boy! I called up that I couldn’t feel a thing and that Aunt Tracy couldn’t smack for toffee.

Well, she hadn’t actually smacked me up to that point. I hoped my comment might provoke her – it did. I got a smack and was told to shush! Fantastic! There were a few female voices I heard, saying: “That’s it – that’s what he needs, Tracy!” Funny how the women are always more vocal in these situations – at least, that has been my experience.

My mum’s was the only dissenting voice – she repeated to her sister: “Be gentle.” It seemed that my audience were deciding how many smacks I should get as a reward for winning the game. I couldn’t hear all of the suggestions, but finally they settled on a nice round dozen.

So, with a room full of family and friends, young and old, all counting along, much like a birthday spanking, I received my reward – 12 well spaced smacks over my trousers.

At each spank, I called out ‘didn’t hurt’ or ‘can’t feel a thing’. I maintained that I’d won the game fairly. But after my 12 smacks Aunt Tracy kept me in place, and there was a further discussion on whether I deserved more, perhaps on the bare bottom! One or two people suggested a good slippering was required. At this point, I couldn’t have cared less – I was laying perfectly still across my lovely aunt’s knee and was in no hurry to get up.

Only the last three smacks from Aunt Tracy gave any hint of a sting – I suffered no discomfort whatsoever. I loved the whole episode, my only complaint being I would have liked it to have lasted even longer! I even managed to run my hand up and down my aunt’s leg, which was the icing on the cake as far as I was concerned.

I can’t say with any real accuracy, but for those 12 smacks I must have been across her knee for five minutes or more. I would rate them as amongst the most exciting of my life.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Aunt Tracy put me back on my feet and gave me a massive hug and big, soppy kis.  She beamed at me. “That’s made my day – how about another one, as it’s Christmas?” she teased.

Mum stepped in and told her sister that was ‘quite enough spanking for one day’. Aunt Tracy poked her tongue out at Mum, calling her a spoilsport.

As the evening wore on, other women threatened me playfully, and I seriously considered some of the invitations. Those wearing trousers were discounted – I liked the feel of nylons, and there were only two or three other candidates. The person I wanted to be spanked by most was my own mum – due in the main to that split in her skirt. But Mum never offered. 

One lady, who I hardly knew, pulled me close and whispered: “Does your bottom sting?” I told her that my aunt was ‘rubbish at smacking’ and it didn’t sting at all. The lady replied: “Don’t you let her hear you say that, you cheeky boy, or she’ll have your trousers down !” She patted my bottom and gave me a look which clearly said: “I’d like to have a go at turning you over my knee myself, young man!” Best party ever!

I needed a pee, so off I went. When I came out of the bathroom, Mum was standing there. She asked me if I was OK.

My reply very clearly surprised her. I said I was really enjoying the party and the spanking I got for winning the musical chairs was ‘brilliant fun’, I loved it. My only complaint was I wished Mum had done it! She was visibly taken aback by my response.

“You didn’t mind?” she asked. I repeated that I’d really enjoyed it. “Oh!” Mum replied, and that was that. The rest of the party was really just an excuse for me to mingle and stare at the ladies’ legs. As the night wore on and things got a bit more adult, lubricated by the alcohol flowing, I soaked up the atmosphere like a sponge. 

I am pretty sure that night was the first time I played with myself to a finish. Images of those seams and the little bows on Aunt Tracy’s perfect legs filled my head.

The following day, I settled in my room to begin assembling a model of Concorde I had received as a Christmas gift. I had cleared my desk and laid out the parts when Mum knocked and came in. This was the more familiar Mum – hair tied back, no makeup; jumper, jeans and casual shoes.

Mum told me she wanted to discuss my comments regarding the spanking I had received from Aunt Tracy. She had been surprised by my comments, particularly about how I wished she had spanked me herself.

Now given my interest in the feel of nylon, Mum wearing jeans wasn’t that interesting. But I didn’t dislike the spanking the day before, so I confirmed that I’d like her to put me across her knee, just like Aunt Tracy had, and spank me. I added – rather cleverly in my opinion – that she might perhaps make better job of smacking my bottom than Aunt Tracy, whose whacks I had hardly felt.

Mum raised her eyebrows and took a deep breath – she seemed exasperated. I think that for some reason, she was concerned that I had been emotionally damaged by the events of the previous night.

I didn’t look at Mum, as I fumbled with my model. I just said: “Mum, I really enjoyed being spanked by Aunt Tracy – it was brilliant fun. I wish you would spank me for fun sometimes.” Mum shook her head and quietly walked away, leaving me to work on my model. 

It has been a source of disappointment over the years that I never received a fun spanking from mum. Having admitted I enjoyed it, and openly told her I wished she would, I never understood why she wouldn’t. I did take it to heart for a while, but eventually accepted it wasn’t meant to be and moved on.

A few years later, when I was about 14 and having a heart-to-heart chat with Aunt Tracy, I asked her whether she could shed any light on why Mum wouldn’t spank me for fun. Aunt Tracy explained the Christmas party spanking was just a spur of the moment bit of fun. But she also frankly admitted that she had taken great pleasure in smacking my bottom for ‘cheating’ (she still hasn’t let that go!).

So, there you have it – my only experience of spanking. What an experience, though! I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Tracy is the best aunt ever and – by the way – she’s still got fabulous legs!

Contributor: Lawrence

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