Grandmother’s mega-spanking

Every summer, our family would gather at one of my aunt’s houses for a weekend of fun and play. Our grandmother would always be present and she was a wonderful cook that supplied the festivities with cookies and other treats. 

My mother and her sisters were fair but no-nonsense parents, and it was clear that my grandmother raised them with sound discipline when it was needed. 

I was 15 and the group of other kids were about the same age when we went off to the park and forgot about the time.  The wind picked up and we knew a storm was coming in but did not pay much attention to it. Within minutes it hit, with torrential rains and very strong winds.  We took shelter in the park restroom and waited it out, which took about 30 minutes.  When the storm had passed we ran back as fast as we could but we went past downed trees and other damage.   

Once we got back, we knew we were in trouble and were met with frantic and very mad parents.  Our mothers ushered us in to the den with my grandmother present and our hearts sank knowing that this was not going to be fun. 

Our mothers severely scolded us and told us that they were worried sick and that we could have been injured or killed.  They also said that this would be mistake that would soon be not forgotten. 

My grandmother looked at Karen first and told her mother to get her ready. Karen was about my age and look very worried as her mother approached her and started to remove her clothing. Karen protested the best she could but there was nothing that was going to stop her mother from stripping her naked. With her clothes off and her face bright red she was led to my grandmother who as sitting in chair now with a big bath brush in her hand which she tapped against her let.   

Karen’s mother tapped the brush against her leg and a sorry girl already crying was draped over her lap.  My grandmother told her it was time for her to learn a lesson and smacked her bare butt as hard as she could causing Karen to screech in pain.   

My grandmother spanked her bottom hard and fast and Karen was bucking and kicking and howling frantically while begging for the spanking to stop.  Soon her words became just babble as her butt and thighs turned pink, then red, then deep red as the spanking lasted probably about four minutes.   

Finally, my grandmother pushed Karen off her lap and she danced up and down without any regard to modesty in front of the assembly before her mother took her by the arm and made her stand against the wall with her hands on her head. 

Brian who was about 16 was next and next and his mother wasted no time in stripping him down.  He made the most pitiful begging argument to keep his underwear on but as his mother pulled them down his erection sprung up and he let out a groan and cry.  As my grandmother saw his erect state she said that it would not last long as she pulled him over her lap. 

Once she began smacking his butt he went wild kicking and bucking and putting on a most painful and immodest display.  His pleas, like Karen were all ignored and my mother and aunts laughed as he begged my grandmother to stop as it hurt too much. 

After a few minutes he was reduced to limp crying boy but the spanking did not stop.  After what was probably a good four minutes over her lap my grandmother released him and he too did a vigorous spanking dance which left nothing to imagination.  Hist mother grabbed him by the hair and pushed him against the wall next to Karen as he cried like a baby. 

My grandmother pointed to me next and my heart sunk as my mother started to pull my shirt over my head.  In less than a minute I was standing there naked and could see everyone, including those positioned against the wall looking at me. 

That really did not matter much as I put over my grandmother’s knee and I could see my mother and aunts smirking while I begged for mercy.  Without a response the bath brush whacked my butt and continued to spank the same spot over and over again causing me to wail frantically as kicked and bucked over her lap.  

The pain was excruciating and I soon found myself unable to say anything coherently and just wailed and cried as the fire built in my butt and thighs.  It was worse than anything I could imagine and through bleary teary eyes I could see the smiles of satisfaction on my mother and aunts as my ordeal went on.  I was sure I was going to die and finally went limp over her lap but the brush continued to punish my backside in a constant and relentless fashion. 

I found myself being hauled to my feet by my mother as I hopped and bawled like a baby.  I was soon pressed against the wall where I sobbed my heart out as my butt and thighs throbbed in utter agony. 

Then it was the turn of Alexis to feel the torment of the bath brush. Alexis was 16 and had a well-developed bust that was prominently displayed as her bra was removed and tossed to the floor causing her to wail in embarrassment and shame.  She pleaded that she was too old for a spanking but that fell on deaf ears. 

She began sobbing as she was put into position and then the bath brush made contact with her backside sending her bucking over my grandmother’s lap.  It took four or five more swats when she howled out the F-word and the spanking abruptly stopped. 

My grandmother pushed her off her lap and said, “We will have none of that!” as her mother pulled her to her feet.  She was immediately dragged down the hallway by her mother with my grandmother following and rest of the ladies behind her. 

From down the hall we could hear Alexis trying to apologize as we heard water run and then muffled cries and gagging that seemed to go on forever.  Finally, Alexis was pulled back to the den with a mouth full of soapsuds that dripped from her mouth onto her breasts looking like semen.  As she was draped over my grandmother’s knee Brian let out plaintive cry and groan as his mother pulled him from the wall to reveal his penis standing tall covered with dripping ejaculate.  My grandmother took one look at him and said that he would pay dearly for that and then began to spank Alexis again.   

She cried, howled, bucked and kicked wildly as the bath brush smacked her bottom and thighs time and time again.  Her spanking was much longer and harder and left her bottom and thighs deep red and bruised on both cheeks.  She danced feverishly as her breasts jumped up and down before she was pushed against the wall with soap still dripping from her mouth. 

At last, it was Karl’s turn.  He was the oldest 17 and appeared to be a nervous wreck after watching everyone receive their punishments.  As his mother stripped away his clothing he too begged not to be spanked bare and as she removed his briefs his humiliation was evident as erection was strong and hard.  

That did not make any difference to my grandmother who put him over her knee and went to town on his butt with the longest and hardest spanking yet.  When she was done his bottom and thighs were deep red/purple with both cheeks showing bruising.  His wails and pleas were like those of a seven-year-old and his begging for ‘Mommy’ to make the spanking stop was especially pitiful.   

He was allowed to stand up and danced feverishly from foot to foot resisting the urge to rub his freshly spanked skin which would have likely resulted in another trip over grandmother’s knee. 

As he stood sobbing against the wall my grandmother took Brian by the ear as he wailed in terror.  She pushed him over the back of a chair and reached into a drawer and pulled out a leather belt.  He begged not to be spanked anymore as his mother moved into position to hold him in place.  My grandmother told him he would pay a price now for not being able to control himself and she gave him 12 incredibly hard smacks to his butt and thighs with the belt bruising his butt and thighs and causing him to yelp with each stroke. 

When she was done he just sunk onto the floor and curled up crying like a baby.  We were all told to get our clothes and get to our beds immediately.  There was no concern about modesty at this point as we gathered our things and slowly and painfully made our way to our rooms with the exception of Alexis who went to the bathroom to try to rinse away the taste of the soap in her mouth. 

My butt was sore for about two days and I will always remember the mega spanking that was dished out by my grandmother as being the worst I ever got.

Contributor: Paula

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