My aunt’s magazines

When we were kids, we always heard family gossip about how ‘naughty’ our aunt was, but never learned any details. I overheard that she was once in a band, but that was about the extent of my knowledge of her ‘naughtiness’, and us kids rarely interacted with her.

After she passed away, my mother started send my sister and I to visit Grandma to keep her company, maybe to get her mind off of her recent loss.

While we were messing around in the boxes full of stuff that belonged to our aunt and grandpa, we found several nudist and spanking magazines. We were both struck deeply by the images of the smacked bottoms and “borrowed” an especially striking magazine to bring home.

Once back in our own bedroom, we felt more comfortable looking at all the beautiful pictures, and I admit I paid tribute to those bare bottoms by wanking to them multiple times. My sister found this weird at first but she was also interested in the photographs, so she tolerated the teenage exploration going on beside her and kept it a secret between us.

My mother must have noticed semen stains on my bedsheets, or maybe she accidentally saw something, because she subsequently discovered the magazine and I was held to account for its ‘theft’. My mother then proceeded to spank me silly, afterwards making me stand naked in the corner for about an hour.

During my punishment my sister feigned innocence but was an interested witness to my sound spanking. My mother was completely oblivious to the fact that my sister was my secret accomplice. Nor did she realise how she was adding fuel to the fire of our new-found fetishes.

The next time we went to Grandma’s, Mom made me return the magazine and to ask for forgiveness and so on. She told Grandma that I had masturbated to those images, which of course made me very ashamed.

As they talked about my behaviour, Mother and Grandma flipped through the magazine. I could clearly see the contents and I went to heaven and back, glad that they couldn’t see that I was getting excited again by the whole thing. Or, at least, so I thought – in retrospect, I suspect the tent in my pants would have been obvious.

Mother then left us with Grandma for a few hours. She gave a sort of sigh and said: “You know, it’s no big deal really. Your aunt was the same as you – she looked at Grandpa’s magazines too. You can look at them as much as you want, but best not to take any home, for your mother’s sake – and your bottom’s!”

Over the next few years we visited Grandma several times a year. Every time, my sister and I would enjoy some time looking at the magazines, and when the excitement became too much I would excuse myself, and go to the bathroom for a wank.

After Grandma passed away, I appropriated the collection for myself. Even a decade later, now with kids of her own, my sister still brings up her memories of those magazines. Often, she will say something like: “You know, if my kids grow up to be as naughty as you, I would spank their bottoms too!”

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