The late movie show

One Saturday night, when I was eight years old, my elder sister Cristina played our mom up when the time came for us to be ordered up to bed.

Cristina, it turns out, was hoping to watch a movie that began shortly, and was hoping to be allowed to stay up to watch it. To my delight (we girls were always glad to see the other in trouble) my mother ordered us to bed nevertheless, telling my sister: “Cristina, that movie ends far too late, and I’m not sure it is suitable for children either. Off you go!”

That was when Cristina made the serious mistake of insulting Mom under her breath. I didn’t hear what she said but our mother, who was closer to her and had very acute hearing, most certainly did.

Her face flushed with anger as she asked her oldest daughter sharply: “What did you say, young lady?” Cristina suddenly realised she was in big trouble, and desperately tried to back-track.

“I’m so sorry, Mom,” she grovelled. “I didn’t mean it.”

“Didn’t mean it, he?” Mom shot back, her face now like thunder. “You said it all right, though, didn’t you? Come here to me right now.”

My sister now obviously realised her bottom was in imminent danger, and begged her: “No, Mom – please!” Mom was having none of it. “Come here right now to have your bottom bared, or do I need to fetch the hairbrush instead?”

The mere threat of that awful brush – the feeling of which both our bottoms knew only too well – was enough to jolt Cristina into immediate obedience. She went over to Mom and submitted as meekly as a lamb as her dress was turned up and her panties pulled down.

A second later, my sister’s bare bottom was in the air and in the perfect place to receive the back of her mother’s hand. Mom spanked her efficiently and ruthlessly. Cristina yelled, cried and made all sorts of promises never to insult her mother again, but the latter wasn’t satisfied until the girl’s buttocks were completely scarlet.

Finally, Cristina was put back on her feet and allowed to pull her pants back up. Then we were both sent to bed, me being careful to stay on the right side of Mom lest I also got a taste of her firm hand.

In addition to the spanking, Cristina was also told that she wouldn’t be able to watch for three days either. I, on the other hand, saw a great deal of my sister’s bottom, and I can tell you that the redness and handprints on her bottom lasted about the same length of time!

Contributor: Laura

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